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his passport
his passport
fast delivery
ok fh got his passport and I glad we don't have to worry about that any more but, how come fh got his in three weeks, it took mine a whole five weeks of waiting . They told me to write a check and fh paid cash man I wish I had paid cash what was up with that crap five weeks of worring when that bad boy was going to show up . Thank you post office
Green flower girls dress dresses
Green flower girls dress dressesGreen flower girls dress dressesGreen flower girls dress dressesGreen flower girls dress dresses
flower girls dress
well here are the dresses for my little flower girls and there baskets they will be carring and the ring pillow
Green DIY Wedding days left
DIY Wedding
days left
I can' t belive there are only one hundred days left til I become the mrs .
Green Wedding Decoration aisle runner
Wedding Decoration
aisle runner
so it here now .I've been waiting so long for it to come I really like it , this complets the whole look that we where going for . wow am so tired from work i can barely keep my self together ,but at least everything is slowly coming together . sometimes I feel like we arent going to make the dead line to have everything finished. there isn't that much time left and just want most well all , but I'll take most of everything together . but you know towards the end part you think of all the things you forgot to put on your list even thou you have a list that your following .some times I feel like am going in a circle trying to figure out if everyting is there , oh well mybe it well be there maybe not I can only give it a whirl oh this aisle runner came from
Green Wedding Decoration decorations for the table
Green Wedding Decoration decorations for the tableGreen Wedding Decoration decorations for the table
Wedding Decoration
decorations for the table
we have decided to use this as our table runner with a white table linen under it .
Green guest book our new guest book
guest book
our new guest book
well here I am changing things again , out with the old guest book that we had .. you know I had to get the book that matches all of the other stuff,the cake topper ,the flutes,and the serving pieces all have the pearls on them and all by the same company even thou they didn't come out at the same time.we had our names engraved on the front of the guest book and the date. I found this company that had the same as lenox ,but you got more than just the book, the engraving and the pen came with it all on
Green Wedding Decoration more wedding decorations
Wedding Decoration
more wedding decorations
I found some more decorations to hang in our venue to liven it up a bite hopefully our guess won't notice how small it is, but take in that it is just a cozy little place. we like it alot . the garden area is great.the best part of it all is we have the outdoor and inside to play with.we have less than five months left to go.
Green passport passport
I know I've been mia for a min but, I've been a busy lil bee work my fingers to the bone trying to get everything together and working my sec job wooo am tired , plus i was sick mother's day . Any way my passport came so that made me feel alittle better. now we are just waiting on fh's passport to come . we are half there ,but so many more things to do it seems like the list isn't getting any smaller.
punch fountain
punch fountain
Wedding Reception
drink fountain
I found this one at bed bath and beyound . this one holds three gallons . the other one will be supplied with water , I think that one only holds a gallon, but the I think this one is better its bigger and has many other uses for it ,you can place the ice on the bottom or top; or fruit .
Green Wedding Decoration cake topper
Green Wedding Decoration cake topperGreen Wedding Decoration cake topper
Wedding Decoration
cake topper
I found a cake topper that matches our flute glasses and the cake cutter pieces am so happy to have found them , they are a set and I ordered the topper and it came less then a weeks time and here it is .

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