Sep 25, 2010

ok here I go with this it's gonna be along one . ok I purchased my dress a year ago. I had this woman in a shop who told me she could make my dress just like the picture.well she told me that after I paid for the dress it would be only six short weeks and the dress would be here and then we could look for the feathers for the dress. alright the dress am talking about is the second pic .she told me the dress was the base and all she had to do was to place a hoop under it and the feathers and put fishline on the bottom so it would curve up at the bottom just like the pic,so jan ordered the dress ,feb no dress march no dress ok all the way to june she calls and says your dress all happy like it came in three weeks early or something. so I stop by to look at the dress so it's the right color four sizes to big for the hoop to go under ,I leave call about a month later and asked if she had found the feathers because she told me she could find them, no she hadn't found them. so I started looking online like I know what am looking for, leaving many website address with her husband because she was out alot.ok by jan it's been a year ( we where suppose to get married in sept last year) so I figure it's really time to speed up this progress I go to her shop she basiclly tells me i been looking at wrong feathers and she can't find them and we can place something else up there on the dress she shows me a row of little flowers on a ribbon like that was gonna work . I left out her shop mad but, I went to the fabic store and ran into a woman who told me to bring the dress to her so she could see it and the picture , bring in all that she and she designs something for me, I could've kissed her feet . I go back to the shop and show the design to the woman with the materals and she says you went to that high price store i could have gottn that cheaper . I didn't go back to shop for some months . I came back in may and she say she not doing my dress till after prom season is over . I come bak in july she says she will start on my dress in sept since wedding is in oct , it will only take twenty day to do the dress I leave with the dress which is picture number three, told her before i left that I would be back sept 1st she said ok . well this chic goes on vaction from aug 27 th till sept 15 . I fin out by her answering machine when i call to tell her am coming by to drop off my dress . so she doesn't get back on the 15 she not even there at the shop so i come back the next day not there . had to work a double over the weekend so I go by there on monday nobody there note on door family death.ok so one of the other store owners tell me her husband is sick in icu . next day she goes home early she sick . next day i catch her in the shop she look lost she said it was her fault and all her husband sick she gonna give my money back come back tomorrow i come in the very next day didn't think she was gonna show cause she was 15 late . she come in the shop fisrt then what do you know her sick husband comes in he is cured( quick recovery huh) so now she has changed her mind and she can do my dress in 15 day that means I will get my dress the day of my wedding I don't think so , so it can fall apart on me as I walk down the aisle . nice huh now I have to go online to see if I can find a dress .
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Green Wedding Dress wedding dress
Green Wedding Dress wedding dress
Green Wedding Dress wedding dress
misspriss's Black wedding
Gambo, NL, Canada
o I feel so bad for you...I just wanna go find u a dress...!!!
but u can ry Preowedwedding
U can find new dresses and preowed at a great price. And Im sure u will have them in a week. and enough time to still have them altered!!!
Im going there when Im ready to sell mine!!!
aaronsbridetobe's Blue wedding
Collinsville, IL, USA
Oh goodness! She must not work with brides very often, because she would have known that NO bride would have been ok with ANY of that. I'm sorry you've had to go through that! :(

Fingers crossed that you will find an amazing dress soon!
felicianadine's Pink wedding
Saint john's, NL, Canada
OMG - that is so awful. I hope you got your money back!!!!

I wish you well on finding your perfect dress (with no hassle).
bluphi2b's Chocolate wedding
Pearland, TX, USA
WOW....I had to double read to make sure I wasn't misreading stuff. She does not need to dealing with brides at all.
pinkbridetraci's Pink wedding
New port richey, FL, USA
omy... i DEFF would not be doing anymore business with that woman!!! and like misspriss suggested and have TONS and TONS of designer dresses that a lot of the girls just wore once, in fact.. I ALMOST bought a dress from oncewed!!

ne way- good luck girl!

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