Tears of Joy
Tears of Joy
Tears of Joy
Tears of Joy
Tears of Joy
Tears of JoyTears of JoyTears of JoyTears of Joy

DIY Wedding
YAY!!! I did my first DIY:Tears of Joy

I know I know its not the hardest DIY but I really wanted to do this for some time. I made a little tears of joy basket. So simple I went to Michaels (I was seriously in there for over an hour looking at everything, I now know what you guys are talking about) I bought a basket ribbon and flowers. I tied the ribbon around the basket and stuck the flower in there. I promise the ribbon looks more like a bow in person. Than I bought those little love envelope box things(I saw them on someones blog) and floded 2 pieces of tissue in it. The only thing missing is a sign which I will make later.

So excited I did something on my own and it cost $15 but I'm already thinking of ideas that I can use the extra ribbon and flowers for!!

FYI:It took me forever to download the photos :(
mrsrathertobe's Purple wedding
 |  Pikesville, MD, USA  |  02/07/2011  | 
Where did you get envelope boxes from, they are really cute!
stix182l's Pink wedding
 |  Wheeling, IL, USA  |  02/07/2011  | 
I got them Michaels...it was $5 for 20 of them
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