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Okay, I'm already getting frustrated..I cannot add any photos...the camera that you click on will not do anything at all...so until I have any photos I apologize:(...Anyways...My planning is soooo stressfull, as I'm sure it is for all you brides. I've been saving alot of money by making things myself though! Which as soon as I can show you all my pics I will. I did my card box!!! looks fantastic...I dyed my crinoline...which I thank fabulousmrsklein for the great idea! Oh and I guess I should say that my colors are PINK and ORANGE!!!!. I've also made my unity candle and some cute plates and jars for my smores bar!! YUM YUM! There are still many many things I have to do...and right now I'm just waiting for my invites so I can see how those look. Well thats a little about my wedding..so yeah! I'm sure you'll all here more from me!
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