May 1, 2009

I know this may seem like an awkward question but I am trying really hard to solidify my bridal party. I want my sister to be my matron of honor but she is divorced. I wanted my best friends to be the maids of honor, so those spots are already taken.

So, my question is: can my sister still be the matron of honor? She is the most important member of the bridal party.

And if she can’t be the Matron, does that mean that I put her as the Maid of Honor and demote the best friends to bridesmaids?

Im confused… Please Help!

PS. I thought my sister was a really good wife. She just didnt have the best husband in the world.
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Matron of Honor
tiggre99's Red wedding
Fairfax, VA, USA
i suppose you could have 3 maids of honor---some people have two...or just make the MOH's BMs.  i dont thinks he can take the title of Matron of honor since she is divorced.
's  wedding
just my thoughts
She should not be called a Matron of Honor. Matron is a title for a married woman. Maid for unmarried, divorced or married...kind of universal.
kaflleje's Blue wedding
Orange park, FL, USA
Here's another question...  Can the maid of honor be married or is she now the matron of honor?

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