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Can your Matron of Honor be divorced?

I know this may seem like an awkward question but I am trying really hard to solidify my bridal party. I want my sister to be my matron of honor but she is divorced. I wanted my best friends to be the maids of honor, so those spots are already taken.

So, my question is: can my sister still be the matron of honor? She is the most important member of the bridal party.

And if she can’t be the Matron, does that mean that I put her as the Maid of Honor and demote the best friends to bridesmaids?

Im confused… Please Help!

PS. I thought my sister was a really good wife. She just didnt have the best husband in the world.
tiggre99's Red wedding
 |  Fairfax, VA, USA  |  05/01/2009  | 
i suppose you could have 3 maids of honor---some people have two...or just make the MOH's BMs.  i dont thinks he can take the title of Matron of honor since she is divorced.
's  wedding
just my thoughts
 |  USA  |  05/01/2009  | 
She should not be called a Matron of Honor. Matron is a title for a married woman. Maid for unmarried, divorced or married...kind of universal.
kaflleje's Blue wedding
 |  Orange park, FL, USA  |  05/01/2009  | 
Here's another question...  Can the maid of honor be married or is she now the matron of honor?
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