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It cost me my first born but I finally found the dress!

Okay so I fell in love with this Amsale dress months ago and knew I couldn’t afford it. So I pushed it out of my mind and tried to find something else that was more “reasonable.” I searched high and low. I looked in Florida, Arizona, California, and New York and couldn’t find the one. (and for those of you who have had trouble finding a dress you know how unnecessarily stressful it is). So I decided that I would just go try the dress on… no harm, it’s not like I can afford it. I just wanted to see it on.

So I went to the salon and tried on the dress with a couple of friends. And of course the moment I tried it on, I knew it was the one. It was perfect (of course we will have to add some padding in the bust area.. lol)! So after battling with the price, I called my fiancé who told me to get it ( at this point he was over the wedding dress saga and just want it to be over). I finally stepped out of the dress and had to take a moment to take it all in…

As I looked at now perfectly hung gown, I burst into tears. Partially because I found the dress but MORESO because I would have to sacrifice my first born in order to afford it. LOL.

So I have a dress. What do you ladies think?

PS. After my wedding I have decided to sell or rent the dress. There is no reason to have it sit in the closet… especially when I can recoup some of the investment. 

PSS. I had them alter the bow a little bit beacuse it was a little big and the BACK of the dress make the world a better place.
ladybugg's Blue wedding
 |  USA  |  09/08/2009  | 
It's gorgeous
futurewright's Blue wedding
 |  Rochester, NY, USA  |  09/08/2009  | 
I am in beautiful dresses heaven, I love the back of that dress!
's  wedding
 |  Ottawa, ON, Canada  |  09/08/2009  | 
It's gorgeous! I tried on a bunch of Amsale dresses, they are stunning!
tammark2008's Pink wedding
 |  Memphis, TN, USA  |  09/08/2009  | 
It is fabulous....I remember seeing that dress and saying the same thing.  But I am so happy that you got the one you wanted.  It will make your day that much more special.
lauren52210's Green wedding
 |  Hobart, IN, USA  |  09/08/2009  | 
Wow!! That dress is amazing! Even though it might have cost your first born it looks like it was worth it!! lol
shesallnat's Pink wedding
 |  Brampton, ON, Canada  |  09/08/2009  | 
Congrats on getting your DREAM dress!!! thats amazing that your FH was so supportive, lucky girl, can't wait to see pics of you in the dress!
deneanrae's Blue wedding
 |  Red deer, AB, Canada  |  09/08/2009  | 
how much was it? its beautiful
kristinakuehnert's Black wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  09/09/2009  | 
love it, love it!!  I have never really seen anything quite like it!
monikas's Chocolate wedding
 |  Kissimmee, FL, USA  |  09/09/2009  | 
Congratulations to you on your dress.Once in a life time opportunity.Very PRETTY...............................
2bmrsknowles's Purple wedding
 |  Miami, FL, USA  |  09/10/2009  | 
It is going to look fabulous on you. Congrats!
soon2bmrsw's Pink wedding
 |  District heights, MD, USA  |  09/10/2009  | 
Love your ideas! Can't wait to see your wedding unfold :)
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