may23bride2be's Green wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  06/29/2009  | 
IS this a joke????
summerbride0926's Pink wedding
 |  Tallahassee, FL, USA  |  06/29/2009  | 
I hope it is lol.
amcs76's Green wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  06/29/2009  | 
It is a joke, it's been circling the internet for quite a while.
sassybex's Pink wedding
 |  Adelaide, Ordino, Australia  |  06/29/2009  | 
Ek! Funny joke going to send it to my MIL she will get a kick out of this thanks for sharing it!
peachybride09's Chocolate wedding
 |  Ocean springs, MS, USA  |  08/04/2009  | 
MILzilla!!! LOL
madcat877's Yellow wedding
 |  Urbanna, VA, USA  |  09/21/2009  | 
That is funny!!!
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