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We're moving to Tucson,AZ...Any advice or comments from those who live there?

My FH finally got a job down in Tucson, Arizona after a long search for work. We are going to be moving shortly after the wedding. I'm excited but nervous as well. I've lived in Colorado my whole life and it feels so weird to be leaving.
Does anyone who lives or has lived in Tucson have any comments, advice, or nice things about Tucson?
Thanks ladies!
tiggre99's Red wedding
 |  Fairfax, VA, USA  |  07/09/2009  | 
Good luck  FH and I are looking at relocating after we get married.  Hope it's a good move for you!   AZ was one state were looking at too, although I haven't really done a lot of research yet.  Let us know how it goes!
hwilliams77's Yellow wedding
 |  Tempe, AZ, USA  |  07/09/2009  | 
We live in Phoenix, but FH's whole family is in Tucson so we are down there at least once a month!  We are actually getting married in Tucson.  It's a beautiful city!  So much natural desert incorporated into the neighborhoods and old bungalows and spanish architecture!  I love it there.  You have to eat at Eegee's (subs and icee's to die for) and go hang out at a pool hall called Clicks.  Oh and there's this place called "Chopped" that has the best tomato soup in the universe.  I could go on.....
specialk2122's Purple wedding
 |  Fountain hills, AZ, USA  |  07/09/2009  | 
Good Luck, not from Tucson, we live in phoenix area. You love the winters.....it gets like 60 degrees!
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