Jun 27, 2009

I can't believe there's only 27 days left. It seems unreal. There are still so many loose ends to tie up and bumps to smooth out before the big day. Trying to make it to the wedding day is becoming a battle.

-My FH's brother, one of the groomsmen, called FH the other day and told him he may not be able to even come to the wedding. At first he said he was being called out of town for work and had to go. I was ok with that (not happy, but ok) but then I found out that that's the week before the wedding and that he might not come because his wife wants him to attend someone else's wedding. FH will be heartbroken if his own brother doesn't come to his wedding, and I'm praying this doesn't happen to him.
-I rarely speak to one of my bridesmaids - I kind of regret my decision to make her a BM, but we used to be best friends and I thought I could count on her. Instead, she flat out told me that she hadn't been helping me because her other friend is getting married a few weeks after me, and she asked her to be in that wedding a week after I did, and has been pouring all her energy into that one. I don't mind her being in the other wedding, but it bothers me that she acts like mine is unimportant.
-We are still looking for a place to live and FH is still looking for a job.
My current job will not be enough to support us both. FH is a mining engineer and has had a heck of a time because the mining industry is dragging right now. I am a little upset because we had filled out an application for a beautiful little condo we both loved, only to find out that after being approved by all the other necessary people, the owner's daughter got upset because she wanted her friend to get the condo instead. So, our application got thrown out, and the friend got the condo without doing any of the work.
-At this point, I'm just worried that a few certain people are either going to intentionally or unintentionally try to ruin our wedding day. If it happens, it will be dealt with and FH will not tolerate it after what I've put into planning, but come on - it's a wedding, disrespectfulness from loved ones shouldn't be happening at all.
-on top of it all, I am making myself so sick from all the stress. I have a stomach disease that can be made worse if stressed, and it's going crazy! I have tried to relax, but the second I do, something else pops up that needs to be taken care of.

After I get off work, FH is coming over to help me with some wedding projects, which I really appreciate. He is the one thing that has kept me going through all of this. I am trying to remember that at the end of it all, what matters is that I am marrying the love of my life.
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bugchick0's Purple wedding
Chesapeake, VA, USA
Tell the future sister in law to GET REAL!! She wants her husband to miss his brother's wedding to go to someone else's??? That's family!  Go smack her in the face, for real!!! What is wrong with people?!?!?
In regards to your bridesmaid--it's funny how having someone in your wedding party really brings out how good of a friend they are!  I kicked my original MOH to the curb because she was being so unhelpful and was actually adding stress to the planning process.  We don't talk anymore and I honestly don't miss her at all.  I'm glad that what happened did happen because it allowed me to see what type of a friend she really was and I decided I didn't want a friend like that in my life.  Unfortunately for you and your BM, since it is so close to the wedding, just try to make it through these last days and be as pleasant as possible.  You know she isn't going to do jack squat for you so don't expect much.  Hopefully she will come to her sense and start being a real friend again!  She accepted the role of BM in YOUR wedding first, she should keep that in mind.

And for the condo--maybe that happened for a reason...most things do!  Maybe there is some place bigger and better that has been intended for you, somewhere you'll love way more!  

It is hard not to stress in the last month, but stressing won't get anything done.  Make a list of everything that needs to be done and assign a due date and get it all done!! You can do it!!!!


You will reach a point right before the wedding, a sense of calm, when you realize that all the flowers, and dresses, and invitations don't matter... you get to marry the best man in your life and that will conquer all!!!

Good luck sweetie!!!!
joyfulsong's Red wedding
Saint john's, NL, Canada
Oh honey!!  You need a hug!  Don't make yourself sick!!

The stunt your FSIL is pulling is awful!  I would be so hurt!!

And your BM!!  Really?? Maybe you should talk to her.  Maybe she feels that you have lots of love and support, but the other bride has no one.  I don't know.  But maybe she has a reason for her behaviour. Maybe she just doesn't realize that she's being disrespectful and callous toward your wedding.

I hope your FH finds a good job soon, and that you find a perfect place to live.  It sucks about the spoiled girl ruining all your work, but like the other ladies said, maybe it's for a reason?
diypinkbridetobe's Pink wedding
Johnson city, TN, USA
Hey there! how neat were both getting married same day!!! are u nervous yet?? lol.. well i just became a member of wbc like a week ago, so i dont have ne future bride freinds..lol.. I am also on a budget, have done everything diy by myself, I am in college, well taking a year off, i go back next spring and will have 2 years left. i had a late start on college, but im working on it...I also had/have BM MOH issues..im having 3 bm and a moh...my moh is bf from college in GA, and has tottaly screwed me since the day i asked her to be my moh.. she has been noowhere to be found.. we have spoken 4 times i think??? i know she has a full class schedule.. but STILL!.. one of my BM similiar to ure situation was a lifelong freind.. thought i could count on her... well after i asked her to be a BM 3 months ago.. i had not been able to get ahold of her.. NOT ONCE!!!! until yesterday..she said she wanted to have lunch monday.. and i agreed (PISSED BUT AGGREED)..then asked if she could wear a zebra print jacket and shoes over the light pink dresses that i bought for everyone.. ARE U SERIOUS??? HAHA  

Well im new to this site, so i didnt know how to just reply to ure posts so i just commented on ure stress post! IM WITH U ALLLL THE WAY HUN!... MY FH is also what keeps me going.. im like.. whos going to remember what shoes i wore, or if i didnt loose those 5 pounds i wanted to, or if my flowers were not 1000 bucks a bouqet....????? RIGHT? ALL that matters is that You and myself are obviously in love, and about to get married...in 20 days sister... Not to sound cheesy haha.. but as u can tell ive pretty much been on my own, other than my mom and grandmother..but there style.. is a little..hmmm old fashioned.. not alot of help.. so it would be great for the next few weeks to have someone on here to talk to!!!

Thanks on the flower comment...Im still not convinced they will even work, but noones said anything but good things.. so... WHAT CAN YA DO??

Your honeymoon sounds AmAzInG....My FH said when he proposed he would let me do w.e i wanted concerning the wedding..but he wanted to do the honeymoon..so i have no idea where we are going..all i know is i had to get a new passport.. hahah..

Im sorry for rambling..its 2 30 am july 5th, and of course instead of being out celebrating im wedding worrying...

but anyways.. to above post.. im trying to deal with the same things, but all i can say is.. as long as u feel great that day, your hubby does to.. you both show up, and say I do..everything else will be PERFECT!!! I would bet ya, the day after the wedding, your not going to be crying over the little things.. your going to be in tottal bliss...:)

Well God Bless,
ThAnX for listening to my 3 am ramble, and im addicted to this site so if u need an ear to vent! DIYPINKBRIDETOBE is here!!!
sunshinebride0725's Blue wedding
Loma, CO, USA
thanks so much girls! You all helped me calm down a little and feel better!

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