Mar 3, 2009

i am back. first of all i missed home and my fh a lot. I also missed blogging and planning my projects as awell - and all of you helpful brides.
i didnt get much done in ny because of so many setbacks.
in between appointments, visiting my grandparents, spending the night in the emergency room (my uncle got sick and no one was able to take him) i had no time to do what i came there to do.
out of 3 bridesmaids only 2 showed up at Davids appt. Up until today i didnt hear from 1 girl, I know she was sick but after 5 voicemails in 2 days you would think i would get a call. but that is my fh cousin so i wont get involved (or cause drama) so whenever she gets the dress?? i guess thats when i know she is in the wedding for sure untill then i will include her but its up to her to be included - plus shes 17 so i doubt she knows how weddings work.

The rest 4 girls have their dresses ordered already ")
so from hereon it should be smooth sailing (hopefully) but who knows what March brings.

however since GA was all snowed in on Sunday/Monday (yey no work)
I finished the following projects (will post pics shortly)
- Unity candles
- Toasting flutes
- Added a few touches to pillow and flower basket.

I will also be mailing out my invitations tomorrow. I am so excited and i have booked my baker (cake) dj (club dj) and florist (yey)

with 101 days its so easy to not panick but I have to update my to do list today. See you ladies tonight.
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my chief bridesmaid
in times square
old stompin grounds

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