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Rhinestone Cake Banding and Cake Stand

So my brother got married this past weekend. I've been so busy planning their wedding that I haven't been posting much stuff. So I'm going to start posting pictures from the wedding and post all the DIY stuff that we did for it.

For their cake table, my husband built a 24" cake stand that he covered with the rhinstone banding that I purchased in bulk. The bride's sister made the faux 5-tiered cake that was covered in homemade fondant. We then wrapped each tier with crystal banding. I topped of the cake with the 3-intialed monogrammed cake topper that I covered with Swarovski cyrstals. Finally, we covered the entire 4ft round table with fresh red roses. The pictures do not do the cake any justice. It was absolutely stunning in person. As a backdrop for the cake table, we assembled a crystal canopy (arch) and set it up behinde the table.
danielleb's Purple wedding
 |  Fort mcmurray, AB, Canada  |  12/10/2010  | 
Wow!! You guys did an amazing job! Hard to believe that is a faux cake.
crsstina's Black wedding
 |  Fresno, CA, USA  |  12/15/2010  | 
how did you attach the banding to the cake?
sxdo333's Red wedding
 |  Orange, TX, USA  |  12/16/2010  | 
we hot glued the rhinestone banding to the wooden box that my husband built for me.
's  wedding
 |  Covington, LA, USA  |  01/18/2011  | 
Where did you buy the rhinestones in bulk that you wrapped around the cake stand your husband built?
teamandre2016's Black wedding
 |  Fairfield, OH, USA  |  08/23/2014  | 
Absolutely beautiful.  Where did you find the crystal canopy?
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