Jul 29, 2010

hey i'm just sayin, i could make a beautiful, lavish wedding too if i had an unlitimed budget... truly GREAT wedding planners can make a great wedding that the bride and groom will love on THEIR budget (not Lifetime's). i want to see a DIY show about that. :)
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loislovesclark's Purple wedding
Philadelphia, PA, USA
I couldn't agree with you more! I hate that show but I just keep watching it. If I had an endless budget and awesome contacts I could plan a wedding much nicer than the one I am. Its not for lack of ideas or vision, but for lack of budget and materials!

Its the same thing with the Battle of the Wedding Planners show. They are supposed to stick to the couples budget (which usually they do) but they have such great contacts and get such outrageous discounts on things that it hardly counts!
pytnda850's Chocolate wedding
Pensacola, FL, USA
I agree with you. I love the show, but is  pissed me off at the point they never have a bride that really is like the everyday bride that working with a small budget or is wanting to do everything for herself.
mrmrskaz's Pink wedding
Jacksonville, FL, USA
I agree,,, i love all the wedding shows and try to get ideas but of course we can all do a lot better if money was not an option

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