Green Wedding Planner Wedding Checklist
...Book Honeymoon Purchase tickets for honeymoon Finish Paying for honeymoon Select wedding rings and order Select/order dress Purchase spanx Purchase/dye crinoline (if using) Purchase Shoes...
Green Wedding Dress
 Just another choice for a shorter dress
Green Wedding Invitation
 Found another style I like but in either green or yellow.
Green Wedding Favors
 Love these but thinking bigger for me with some daisies thrown in and just roses for my maid of honor.
 Just a few more bouquets I like
Green Wedding Dress Something Different
...ngth dress but I got looking at floor length today and found some I really like. I would want champagne colored or ivory, with a green sash, Which do you like best? Remembering this is a 20 ...
 I've seen all the wire hangers with names on them but I think I like this a bit better. It'd be super easy to DIY.
white roses
 Isn't this pretty? I really need to stop getting all these ideas!
memorrial ribbons?
 I love the bows. I'm thinking I could do this in the colors I want for my memorial ribbons?
 What do you think of this for my maid of honor? Maybe paint her name on it and the date?
 I really like the first style. The second one I whipped up in photoshop.
green sash
 Just some more ideas for my dress
 I/m really starting to like sunflowers!
purse as bouquet
 I think this would be a cute idea for my maid of honor.
Green Helpful Hints
... the reception using an instant camera. After the wedding, sign each photo, add your wedding date, and include a short word of thanks to each guest for having attended. Mail the photos to the gu...
Green DIY Wedding What I'll be DIY'ing
... 2. Invitations (?) 3. Photo Mat (out of picture frame I have) 4. Brides Bouquet (yellow roses?) 5. Maid of Honors Bouquet (daisies?) 6. Boutonierres (2- white rose, daisy) 7. Decorate gaz...
 Want something different for your STD's? I found these at . They also have ones you can use as favors!
Green Honeymoon Share a Site
 I just found a site that I found very interesting for saving some money on honeymoons. It has listings for all over the worls. It's at . Check it out!
Green Pictures from our wedding
...s my maid of honor helping me get ready. This is Lois, who will be my maid of homor this time too! #16- The one and only time we've been in a limo! #17- Randy taking the garter off #18- This ...
 I just wanted to apologize that this is so mixed up but I'm just getting my ideas together and finding so many good ones! Thanks to all of you for sharing ideas with me!
Green Wedding Decoration Signs
 The farm is kind of hard to find so my husband will be doing up some signs to direct people. I like these ones!
Green Wedding Rings And Jewelry Our new rings
... new wedding band cause he lost his just a few years after we were married! He hasn't decided if he wants stones or not....
Green Memorials For my family
...f my bouquet. That means yellow for my mother, white for my father, red for my grandfather, yellow for my grandmother and white for my favorite uncle. The best man from our wedding passed awa...
Green Wedding Rings And Jewelry Earrings for me!
 I have a yellow gold necklace I plan to wear and these match it perfectly.
Green Wedding Decoration Baskets
 I already have 2 baskets I plan to use to hold our flutes for us and the attendants. Another DIY project but simple. Throw on a ribbon and a flower and you've got it!
Green Wedding Decoration Guest Book?
 We plan on DIY'ing a sugnature mat out of a huge frame we have and don't use. I love the idea of using a chalkboard with it to remind people to sign.
Green Wedding Decoration Centerpieces
...y to DIY too. Mason jars as in the second picture meet our theme. Maybe some on cake table and others where the frame for our signature mat will be?...
Green Wedding Reception Cake Plate
 I plan on making these myself out of a vase and a plate. Goodwill here I come!
Green Wedding Decoration Cabinet
 We want to find something along these lines to display some of our wedding pictures. I think it would be nice for people to be able to see the then and now aspect.
Green Wedding Flowers Boutonierres
 All I know is that I want these to match me and Lois's flowers.
 Our boy is a yorkie mix and he's our boy. We don't have kids so him and our cat are our kids. We want Seagram to walk with us to the gazebo then he handed off to a friend for the ceremony....
Pink and Green Inspiration Board[1]
 I'm thinking colored shoes would look nice. I do need flats cause I can't walk on heels at all and getting off the tractor in heels, forget that! Besides, walking across the lawn in heels cou...
Green Wedding Hair Style for me
 These are a few hairstyles I like. My hair right now is about the length of #3.
 My favorite flowers are yellow roses so I like both 1 and 2. I like #3 too. It would go nicely for the farm. I like this for both me and Lois.
Green Wedding Dress My Dress
 I did some googling and this is what I came up with. I really like # 1 but I was thinking I want a green crinoline so it wouldn't work for that. #2 is nice and would work for that. #3 ...
daisies kissing ball
 I really love the kissing ball. I know I really want either daisies or yellow roses.
john deere colors
...irst dress but think might have to be made for her. It does match our colors though. If not that one then the others are some ideas. I just know I want yellow for sure and knee length....
Gazebo set up
 I would love to do up the gazebo like this. It looks like it would be easy enough to do myself. I want as many DIY's as I can do to save some money.
 I found these and I really like the ideas though I'm not sure how well the ladies would like them. Pic 1- can cozies Pic 2- horseshoes with tags
 I'm thinking of using some of these for cold drinks. Since it will be outside in August I want lots of cold drinks for everyone. I love how its set up in the second pic. I'm thinking of...
donuts a wedding cake. We feel it's just too formal for the feeling we want to create. Instead, we think donuts, tarts, and cupcakes will work better for us. Picture 1- Lemon tarts Picture 2- Gr...
John Deere wedding
 Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for a while now and finally decided to join all you ladies I'm not actually planning a wedding but a renewal of our wedding vows. We've been married sin...