Jul 14, 2009

Just wondering what the WBC brides are doing about their last names?
My full name consists of my first name, my mothers maiden name as my middle name and my last name.

It's quite popular in Portugal ( where my parents are from) that they carry on there full name and never loose there maiden name. Alot of people I know make there maiden name theie middle name that way it's never lost.

I"m just wondering what you all are doing?
Keeping your name?
Taking his name?
Combining your names?

What is everyone doing?
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futurecozart's White wedding
San diego, CA, USA
I am dropping my middle name (Christine) and using my maiden name as my new middle name, and taking my FH's last name as my new last name.
tunatuna's Yellow wedding
Portland, OR, USA
My name is the same way! My mom didn't want to lose her maiden name so she made it my middle name.

I will take his last name and make my last name my new middle name.
sapphire2009's Blue wedding
Cary, NC, USA
I'm definitely changing mine- I have no desire to have the most popular, and most bland name in the world anymore. hah. Unfortunately, if I take his name without changing the rest of it by deed poll, I'll sound like a porn star. So, I'm changing the entire thing- my first name will be the name that was supposed to be on my birth certificate (my dad decided he liked the nickname of it better and had that registered) my mom's maiden name and my fh's last name.
twohearts's Pink wedding
Egg harbor township, NJ, USA
As for me, I'm losing the old last name completely and taking on his. I love my current last name and what's associated with it but I always wanted to be in a family where everybody has the same last name. When I was growing up my parents weren't married so my mama gave all of us her last name, and my friends always called my daddy Mr. Evans and his last name is Thomas.
thepinksuperhero's White wedding
Astoria, NY, USA
I'm taking his last name as my middle name, he's taking my last name as his last name and moving his last name to his middle name.
nevaeh's Black wedding
Brick, NJ, USA
Professionally, I'm keeping my maiden name.  For everything else I'll be using my new last name.  In time though I will change over completely.

I would like to change my 1st name. I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I think that's enough !'s don't ya think?). I want to change my first name to my middle name. FH thinks I'm crazy but I seriously hate, hate, hate my first name. I don't mind writing it or seeing it in print I just hate hearing it.

I never had any experience with this so I don't know how to legally change it.  Does anyone know how to legally change your first name?

P.S. Sorry for my long comment & thanks for this post. I was thinking about posting the same thing :)
shenll72's Blue wedding
Oklahoma city, OK, USA
I think I am going to keep my full name and add his for my last name I love my middle name and I don;t want to lose it
sema84's Black wedding
Mugla, Lezhe, Turkey
I had trouble with this too!!
I am an only child and very proud of my Welsh Surname (very proud welsh girl that i am LOL) and i am marrying a turkish national so would be getting a foreign surname.
I wanted to take my FHs name and keep me own so i am having both.
I dont have a middle name so i going to hyphenate them:
Evans-Yanatma- everyones happy :-)
puglover's Purple wedding
Fort mcmurray, AB, Canada
Ya it took some confincing but I am hyphanating cairns-marche>
Love my last name and the history that goes with it.
westkar's Blue wedding
Tan kwai tsuen, 00, Hong kong
Against my will I dropped my middle name and just took my husbands last name.  This is my second marriage and I kept my maiden name as a middle name.  My  husband did not want me to keep it when we got married.  So I dropped it.
I wanted to keep my maiden name in memory of my dad,
joyfulsong's Red wedding
Upper island cove, NL, Canada
I'm taking his name.  

I'm surprised at all the ladies that are dropping or changing their middle name.  I hadn't dreamed of changing my given names.  I'd never drop my middle name at the request of my husband.  I love my middle name: Joy.
's  wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
I am dropping my last name, and taking on his. That simple! I love his last name :)
mrsbowe2be's Chocolate wedding
Norcross, GA, USA
I will be taking his name.  I have a fear of losing my identity as a Washington though.  I love my last night... it's powerful.  Once we get married I will be a Bowe ...not so powerful.  lol
mrsrivera091909's Pink wedding
Brooklyn, NY, USA
I am dropping my last name...  I can't wait to be a Rivera (Even though its super popular)
sarahdarling's Black wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Like Nevaeh, because I've already professionally established myself with my maiden name I can't really change it. So professionally I will be Sarah G*****. Casually I will be Sarah M*****. On all my documents it will show up Sarah G***** M*****, with NO hyphen in between.
futuremrsk's Black wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
I am taking my mans last name. He's indo-canadian and has an awesome last name that I love, mine is boring! YAY for name changes ;)
poshbride's Blue wedding
Newport news, VA, USA
I am taking my FH lastname and dropping mine.

My initials won't change...and that kinda sucks...but it's kool
jamysgirl's Black wedding
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
I'm taking his last name, even though it's going to make my name even harder to pronounce. But I've had my first name mispronounce forever, so why not make it more interesting with his last as well!  :)  It's imporant to him, and in the grand scheme of things I really don't care all that much.  I also want my kids to have the same last name as both me and my FH.

I hate hypenated names, so that's a definate no go.  I also have two middle names that I like.  My maiden name wouldn't flow as a middle name.
almostthemrs's White wedding
Odessa, TX, USA
Im taking his because haha excuse my language but my last name has the word "dick" in it so im doing what I can to get away from that haha.
So, I will be known as Jewel Danielle Leiter :]
kristah's Green wedding
Langley, BC, Canada
I'll be taking his, but not legally. I own a Pet Salon, so all my advertising, legal documents, business cards, etc will keep my maiden name, simply because I'm too lazy to change it all :)
But in social circles I will definitely be Mrs. Otis :P He's always apologizing to me for his last name, poor guy.

I've never heard of changing your middle name to your maiden name...
's  wedding
Cleveland, OH, USA
im looking forward to changing my name, i dont have a middle name and well i know there wont be anyone out there with my name n lastname together... so im looking forward to that,

also if we have a boy his middle name will be my maiden lastname.

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