Jan 28, 2010

So my fiance and I attended a marriage prep class over the weekend and I think we were both a bit skeptical about what was going to be said to us.
To our surprise we both loved it.
Not only did it make us sit down and talk about our lives after the wedding day but other important things in life.

Some of the great questions that you and your FH shoould sit down and talk about before heading down the isel are:

How many kids would you like to have?
If you are unable to have kids would you adopt?
Would you care for a child with special needs?

Are you both able to support one another if one of you looses your job?
Are you ok if one of you wants to become a stay at home mom?

Who will pay the bills each month?
How will you do this?
Do you have a joint bank account? Why or why not?

If one of your inlaws passes away what will happen to the remaining in law?
Have you set away for retirement?
Have you saved for colleges?
Would you allow your spouse to return to school if they choose?

Some of these questions were big eye openers. I think we should all ask these questions and see what answers we get from our FH's
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