Apr 16, 2011

I'm just saying....I always watch the marketplace, because I'm always looking for bargains.. But why pay more for something used when it can be purchased brand new for a better price?

If I sale my items after my wedding, I will be selling for half of what I paid. I'm not expecting someone to buy at the same price I paid...Thaat's ridiculous.
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njoneson's Pink wedding
Fairfield, CA, USA
totally agree..
rainbobride2011's Purple wedding
Bradenton, FL, USA
Yes Yes i see that alot.. I was looking for the "like" button and realized i was on WBC and not FB.. lol
soonmrspeak's Black wedding
Manteno, IL, USA
I see that too!  Good point.  I am glad you posted this so maybe the people that do it see that we have caught on and maybe that is why their items are not selling =)
nursekc909's Black wedding
Fontana, CA, USA
well I havent seen it yet, but then again I never really look at market place items on here lol. But I def agree!! I always research my items first on as many sites as possible before I purchase and always buy the cheapest, to sell it for more than what you bought it or for the exact amount is just wrong!!! when my wedding is over I plan on selling my stuff for half the price I paid, because I'd rather get rid of them and make money then to not sell them because people dont wanna pay it and have no where to put them
sweetgal11783's Chocolate wedding
Oak lawn, IL, USA
I completely agree!!! It's absolutely ridiculous that people think anybody us gonna buy it. I have gotten so lucky and found tons of my stuff at garage sales and thrift stores and they were never used or look barely used. I got 250 votive candles for 15 bucks at a garage sale. The newlywed bought way too much. All I gotta do is get labels and these will be wedding favors. Also I got a like new birdcage for cards at Goodwill for 1.99. Those run $40 or more brand new. Got ring pillow guest book brand new at a garage sale as well and paid $5 total. It's definitely worth checking out thrift
stores or garage sales you never know what you may find.
royallyurs612's Pink wedding
Flint, MI, USA
LOL @ Rainbobride2011--right!

I've tried the market place hoping for a good deal only to get charged the same as in store, if not more! And it's used! (well most of the time) I guess that's how some brides try to get their $ back after OVER SPENDING and over stretching themselves smh...

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