"Sweetie, can I see your ring for a minute, I want to see if I can fix it for you"

"Sure, here you go"

...a minute passes

"Sweetie here you go"....

(I'm cooking right now so I can't go to the living room)

"It's okay, I'm right here, I fixed it for you"

(holds my hand while I'm checking my sauce)

"There you go!"

(Kisses my hand...he's so awesome)

"Thank you sweetie, you're awesome"

I start stirring my sauce and go to cut up some peppers....

SCREAM....drop knife...stare all in shock.....this isn't my ring....

Dawns on me, my awesome FH got me this stunning ring...LOVE IT!

He got pounced.... ;)
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Short and sweet.....

Walked into a boutique to look at a Maggie Sottero. Lady walks up and says sorry we don't carry samples in your size and we don't order them. I said okay, do you have....

Yup before I could even get any other words out she said well honestly our designers aren't comfortable with their dresses being worn by over weight/obese brides. Honestly, I agree with them. Plus it is too much work to deal with such lazy people. You lose weight you gain, we have to alter over and over. It's just too much work, you may want to just go away and find a consignment shop. No one will work with you in this "area".

Wow, I'm 5'1 and 195 lbs. Yes I am a 38G, I'm super blessed up top...but I'm not some blimp she made me feel like.

The look of disgust on her face really shot me down a bit. I went to another store just writing this one off. As soon as I walked in, people looked up at the door, saw me come in and seriously NO ONE came up to help me.

A poor girl came by and said that they don't carry sizes over 10. I was looking at a 14! Gee.....she just rolled her eyes and ducked away to help a flighty young girl try on prom dresses.

Am I to old? I'm not sure. Too FAT? Yah, maybe but I'm not NASTY!

Here's to second marriages....and me walking away from wanting an actual wedding dress...it's too much stereo-typing.

Not just with one or two stores, but similar instances with 5....yes FIVE stores.

:) I love me and my sweetie thinks I'm hot..all that matters to me! Give me some shorts and my hat and a t-shirt and get it done....Teehee!

Seriously, this has got to be really embarrassing because other brides and their entourage were looking at me in disgust!

Not worth mentioning again, I know there are places out there not so snubbish. Just my first day out and already it's so much fun! :)
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If you are looking for your FH wedding band and want something in an alternative metal, this place is amazing!

They include titanium, cobalt, tungsten, and stainless steel! (see deal at bottom for more info).

I buy from Limoges Jewelry all of the time. My claddaugh ring my FH got me came from there. (Picture on my main page).

I ordered customized jewelry for my wedding party and everything came out beautifully.

They just released their Everscribe bands and are running a 20% off sale. Just enter the code ALTMET at checkout and receive 20% off your Everscribe purchase.

When you buy Everscribe, the inner and outer engraving is free!

Thought I would share!


"Introducing Everscribe by Limoges - a bold new line of rings to fit the modern man. Everscribe rings embody sleek design, rugged durability and modern style. These comfortable-fitting rings are made from a variety of high-strength, wear-resistant alloys - titanium, cobalt, tungsten, and stainless steel - built to last any day at the job or night on the town. Our designs incorporate lustrous white and stark black finishes to stand out from the crowd, and call attention to our custom engraving. As a service to our Everscribe customers, all inner & outer engraving is free."
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So I ventured into a bead store with my aunts last weekend and was overwhelmed by everything. All of a sudden i started getting inspiration from Swarovski crystals, gun metal clasps, beads stones and all sorts of sparkle. I picked up a few bead strands and came home to play. I came up with this simple little strand just for fun. I'm thinking about making them for my invitations. Maybe even some for other decorations...it's really inspiring and fun!
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Green DIY Wedding Who knew beading was so fun!
Green DIY Wedding Who knew beading was so fun!
Green DIY Wedding Who knew beading was so fun!
I am going to a bridal show July 27th in Greensboro, NC. It is hosted at McCulloch castle, how exciting! I didn't even know they had this here! It's about an hour and a half away, but the grounds are beautiful! A plus side is that if you take it further out, those who really want to go to your wedding instead of a free dinner or something for the kids to do. Who knows! I am super excited! Here are some preliminary pictures!
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The castle!
I saw this and started thinking about moving away from the traditional cakes and doing a cupcake "cake". I was thinking of something a little more "fancy" but this is a general idea. We would still have a small fondant cake for the cutting into, but this looked fun. I can already imagine everyone having green frosted tongues and mouths! Haha!
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Just some ideas of wedding hair that I'm looking at. I really like the first one but the second one is very pretty especially in a Gaelic sort of way.
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long wedding hairstyles2
I really like this! It's super sweet! I can add the Kincaid tartan as the ribbon and have the shamrocks for good luck... such a simple little bouquet!
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I used to make wedding cakes....wondering if I should make my own and save a few hundred dollars. If I were to make this cake for a customer, it would cost roughly 450 with just the spice cake that I want to do with mine. If it had a fruit or filling then it raises to 650+. My cost to make this would be about $120 plus 2 days of my time. Hmm....

I love using my FH tartan as a signature piece of the cake. Then having the crest (instead of the initials) on the bottom layer. This is just a simple sweet cake.

What do you think?
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claddagh cake
I am looking at dresses, as I stated in my earlier post, they just aren't me. So when I start looking at them I immediately think about all of my flaws and how silly I will look in such an outfit of satin lace and tulle. I am seriously thinking on opting for a pant suit, haha! But then again there is a part of me who wants to wow my FH. He never sees me made up or in pretty things. I feel somewhat overwhelmed!
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