Mar 24, 2008

I am really happy with how my invitations came out. I mailed them today. They were a complete DIY project- I bought two packs of 100 invitations for $15 a pack at Michaels, and I designed and printed them myself. So, all together, a little less than $35 for 200 invitations, including r.s.v.p cards. Seriously, if you're looking for an area to save some moolah, try it out!!

My aunt actually decorates cakes for a living, so she's making mine for free. I drew her a rough sketch of how I want it to look... a square 4 layer cake with teal icing and sugar glitter crystals. I also bought lime and orange wooden roses to decorate around it (I opted out of real because I figured they'd wilt in the heat).

So, I suppose I can save on a lot of things... but ironically, the alcohol is probably going to be the most expensive thing at our reception. I don't drink, in fact, I can't stand the smell of alcohol... but Nick's family drinks like they breath the stuff. 3 kegs (at $150 a pop, ridiculous), and various amounts of vodka, etc... oh geez.
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I stuck with my color theme, lime green, teal and orange. It was a little hard centering the monogram, but after about 15 minutes playing with it, here's the product!!
these are wooden roses.. what's great about them is that they keep forever!!! (mine are the orange in the 2nd row and the green in the 3rd row)
my cake will be covered in sugar crystals like this one
my sketch of the cake... a little pitiful, I know
sweetp's Pink wedding
Little rock, AR, USA
Looks like you have everything under control thanks for the save money diy tip thats good info. Great job!
chirawan's Blue wedding
I love your cake drawing! The wooden roses are a nice touch. I also have a professional cake decorator in the family. It's a nice expense to not have to worry about.

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