So when my FH and I got together 8 years ago, we were just out of highschool. In the past 8 years I had gained about 80 pounds. Chris proposed on July 3, 2010, exactly 8 years from the day he asked me to be his girlfriend :) The following day I went on my WEDDING DAY DIET!! I knew I had 10 months and I wanted to loose 100 pounds. That was 237 days ago..with 65 days left until our wedding and 25 days left until my first fitting, I have 25 pounds to go!!! I can wear all of the clothes I still had from highschool!! I feel amazing!! The best part is that Chris is a firefighter and has always been in shape. He runs miles at a time. Last month I began training for my very first 5K!! Chris and I are going to run our first 5K TOGETHER the weekend before our wedding for the Mother's day run here in Tulsa. I am so happy that I have stuck with it and sacrificed so much the past 8 months.... it was hard because when I am stressed I want to eat but I have learn to overcome those bad habits and the 5K will only confirm that for me!!
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Ok... I feel like I am in full melt down mode! I do not know how I can possibly finish everything. Not to mention I have overloaded my lessons twice a week until the wedding...once with my dad and once with my FH.. Pre-marital counseling once a week!! Workouts twice a day... ahhhhhh I'm going to loose it!
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So this past weekend my FH and I were looking at rings for me... He still doesn't understand why you need TWO rings... so I have a 3/4 ct princess cut solitare engagement ring and I wanted to find a wrap or gard. I love the look of one that I found but he thinks it make it look cheap or like an after thought.... He thinks we should just buy a whole new ring that is everything I want in one... I posted some options, let me know what you think!!
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this is the band i love -Option #1
this is my current engagement ring that goes inside of option #1
So I went to a Bridal show this past weekend and I totally fell in love with Stella and Dot!! I found the jewelry I want for my girls, as well as, the jewelry I want for myself!

I registered for a trunk show and I think I am going to use it as a mini-bridal shower!!

Has anyone else used Stella & Dot? or had a show?

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?
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Red Wedding Rings And Jewelry STELLA & DOT!!!
stell:dot bm jewls
This is sooo cute
I am officially 78 days away from the wedding and I am FREAKING OUT!! We have soo much left to do and it seems like everytime I make a list it generates another list... I am terrified its not all going to get done!!

Any suggestions on better organization? What things is everyone else doing to unwind?
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Tonight my MOH and I completed the flip flop basket!!! Super excited!!! My poem makes me very happy!!!

"Bought new shoes to match your dress & now your feet our sore? Please help your self to a pair of these so you can dance some MORE!!"

I just cannot decide if I like the ribbons on the basket or not...
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No Ribbon
Red Wedding Reception Flip Flop Basket- CHECK!
close up
My bridal party and I had a DIY weekend!! I bought all 4 boxes of these invitations (120 total) for $80.00. I had all the printing done through a local shop for $60.00 total and printed the picture at Walgreens w/a coupon for $10.00. These invitations cost me a total of $150.00, which is ONLY $1.25!!! Of course it could never have been accomplished without my amazing girls!!! With my mom, me and my girls it only took us one hour!! to assemble them all!!!!
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Invitation making party
Bridal Party working on Invitations
Entire Invitation
Right side pocket w/RSVP & Reception Information
Picture on Left Side
Inside Main Card
Anyone else out there have a wedding website? We have one and I am super proud of it but it takes up alot of time!!! I have even included a section for our guests to go in and RSVP online!!

What do you have on your website?
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Has anyone else done this? We booked through a travel agent who told us that they will accept payments over the phone etc.. as gifts. I also registered us on honeyfund....

I have put all of this information on one card (business size) in the invitations titled Registry, like the other cards. I also put it on our website...

Am I the only one? Any success stories?
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I don't know if its just because I am sooo surrounded with love with the wedding and all but I went all out this year!! I even made little valentine gift bags for my entire office!! It was great!!

What were your V day plans?
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Picture Collage of us
heart-shaped red velvet cake
heart-shaped waffles
Dinner setting