Jun 23, 2008

I absolutely love this site, & I completely admire every single bride here, due to our own individuality, style, & simply the sanity of putting our special days together.

As I've visited each page & blog, I often run across awesome ideas that I see posted on other pages. Now, I COMPLETELY know that at some point or another we are ALL going to have the SAME concept, theme, or even specific detail, but lately, Ive been seeing things on "certain" brides posts that I KNOW they completely took from another bride....without giving credit.

I am by no means the moral police, or the person to call others out, but I know that everything that we duplicate isnt always by coincidence. So, Im just wondering...can we please WOMAN UP here & give up the credit when we knowingly take something...sometimes verbatim...from another bride. Is it that important for us to pretend that we came up with it all & have to get some happy go lucky comments on our blog?

Lastly, if I EVER, EVER take or use something of yours (or anyone elses) & it knowingly seems to have been ripped from someone else, I gladly accept your call out. We all work too hard to be overlooked, but all of a sudden glance at someone elses blog, right here, & watch them get kudos. Come on now..
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marta12's Blue wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
Ditto! I've been seeing it more and more. I also see the same stuff being asked.

I try to give credit where ever I get info and link to that person's blog especially if its a DIY.

Sometimes I have a total Deja Vu thinking I responded to a blog post with a specific front picture...a lot of the times its a different blog using the same pictures.

Why is it so hard for someone to admit they got an idea from someone else. There is nothing wrong saying you weren't the first one to come up with something.
princessofdenial's Blue wedding
Toledo, OH, USA
I kind of think it's the nature of the beast. In my mind at least the whole purpose of this site is to share ideas and gather ideas. I understand what you are saying though we are all working hard to create unique weddings and it's hard to stomach seeing someone else running with an idea you coined without so much as a thanks.
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
AMEN!  Thank you for not putting anyone's business out there...it's easy enough for us to see, & I agree with Marta that I had been noticing it alot lately too.  There are some great ideas here, & usually we (me included) get ideas & pics from other sites, not just here, but is it really that painful to mention that you got 1 simple thing from someone else?  It really isn't that serious, but in a way...it is.  A simple "thanks" is not that many strokes on our keyboards.  We should all try it.
's  wedding
Greenville, SC, USA
I agree that the person that came up w/ an idea should get kudos... But there are tons of ideas that are basically the same & when we post something, we may not have JUST gotten it from a person's site & probably have forgotten.. I know I do. Bad memory haha. I give kudos to anyone that I may have gotten an idea from, & if you are one that I did not mention, please feel free to say 'hey, glad you liked the idea I came up w/...' or something...
mrsmorrisoninjuly08's Pink wedding
Denver, CO, USA
really? i dont mind at all if someone uses an idea of mine w/out mentioning anything.  i thought that this whole site was just to use ideas.  Not a single one of my ideas for my wedding i came up with-i saw it somewhere else-i'm not that creative but i NEVER say, guess what I thought of all on my own because that's a load! haha i will say 'i saw this on another post' but i really dont see the need to mention names and blogs-we're not writing research papers here.  so i guess if someone sees something on my blog and says hey that was my idea, call me out, i dont mind to go back and say oh btw i got this idea from 'whoever' but im not going to do it for every aspect of my wedding.  its just a blog, i dont care if you post my EXACT post w/out mentioning me, i've got a few bigger things to worry about.  

not to trash this post or anything, dont take me wrong-good post- just being the devil's advocate here i guess :)
deijahp's Green wedding
Griffin, GA, USA
I was also under the impression that this website was created for us all to share with each other.  If I see something I am interested in I let the bride know that I would like to try it.  I don't see anything wrong with that.  

I NEVER take credit for anything that I know I didn't create myself!
's  wedding
Miami, FL, USA
Found you through google, sorry that I did.  Get over yourself.  Very little is actually original in the world today, certainly nothing you have thought of!  I don't know you or read your blog, but you are just one in about six BILLION other people currently living on the planet.  What makes you think that you could come up with something someone else hasn't?  Why don't you just worry about having fun and doing your own thing instead of worrying about who thought of what stupid wedding thing first?
's  wedding
Brampton, ON, Canada
I am terrible at this!!!  I don't mean to offend anyone, and would normally jump through hoops to make sure the right person is given credit.......but I have been collecting pictures and ideas for longer than I've been engaged, and long before I ever thought I would post any of them.  A few have definetly come from this site...only I don't remember which ones:S and I don't remember from who:S.  I explained this at the beginning of my blog and am hoping that people kinda forgive me for not giving them credit, or I hope that they will call me out if they see something that's theres because I really don't want to take the credit...I just saved the pictures because I thought they we're amazing ideas..since I don't remember who did  it I usually just let people know each time I post pictures that I FOUND the pictures and didn't create them myself....hopefully this is good enough.

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