Sorry I've been m.i.a. the wedding went better than I could have imagined. It was amazing to see all the pieces come together for one very special day. I'm so glad to have the support of my new mom inlaw who helped quite a bit. I thought I would share all the goodies with you also all the items are for sale:

5 - Feather Center Pieces
9 - Black Embroidered Organza-Satin Trim Overlays 84"
2 - Black Embroidered Organza-Satin Trim Runners for a 4ft table
1 - Black Embroidered Organza-Satin Trim Runner for a 6ft table
48 - Red Votive Candle Holders w/Battery Operated Candles (they give off a very natural amber light)
1 - Feather Headpiece w/ detachable veil
12 - PictureFrames (Perfect for Table Cards)
1 - Card Box

You can e-mail me at
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(5)Centerpiece and (9)Overlay
(2)Small Runner and (40)Red Votive Candle Holders pictured
Picture Frame (12 of these)
Our First Dance
Runner and (8)Red Votive Candle Holders pictured
Center Piece
Close Up of our Cake
Our Signature Drinks were a hit
Card Box
Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, and with all the incredible things mothers do, I am sure you know a mom who deserves to be celebrated. Well, this year our friends at have made it possible for you to thank all the moms you know with a customizable video announcing them as the "Mother of the Decade."

Each mom you send the video to will see her name appear in a faux news story about her winning "Mother of the Decade" and will be celebrated by America Ferrera (of Ugly Betty fame), Jimmy Fallon (Saturday Night Live), and Michelle Obama.

Watch the entertaining news clip celebrating the "Mother of the Decade" at

Then, send this video to all your favorite mothers, because every mother deserves to know the tremendous impact that she has had on the world.
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Mom of the Year
So we are having a non secular ceremony but we decided to meet with our Pastor and do some marriage counseling (I just know I met the right man since he’s so open about this stuff) anyhoo he gave us some great insight about how different the female and male minds work since we had a few bumps in the road on communication I thought I would share:
The female mind equates words with emotions for example; have you ever had to remind your FH about something and had him forget or worse yet return a blank stare while you’re red in the face. He on the other hand is wondering what he needs to do to make you happy. That’s because the male mind is very linear it can’t handle the details and yes taking out the garbage is a detail compared to the grand scheme of things. So instead of saying “Don’t forget…” say “I LOVE it when...” it works like a charm and I gave up trying to get him to understand the reasoning but I’m happy to report that it seems to have opened his eyes to why something considered a minor "detail" can upset or make me incredibly happy (seriously my dream is to one day own a museum dedicated to shoes and he doesn’t need to understand it just be supportive LOL…)
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I love my lil' Monkey :)
Since our fiasco I have been very proactive on looking for other alternatives. Unknown to most of my friends I actually enjoy being out of the spot light (I would much rather be the one behind the scenes making the magic happen) but it’s sort of unavoidable on your wedding day and I really want to take center stage as a confident bride especially since our song is nontraditional (Super massive Black Hole by Muse) this the only song that makes us both happy and want to dance so I’m hoping our guests don’t read too much into the lyrics and take it at face value as a very pop rock danceable fun ballet :)

Well my search is now over. We decided to take a few beginner group classes a la carte at $10/ a person and lucky for us this month is Tango and East Coast Swing at:
I just thought I would share with you girls some tips that have helped us a lot:
1. Trust your partner, I as most women are guilty of trying to lead. I guess it’s our natural instinct to protect and help them or us from looking like a complete spaz on the dance floor LOL…
2. Height differences are a non issue, just follow these steps: keeping your shoulders straight and squared, facing each other, place your left hand on his right shoulder and your right hand over his left (do not interlace your fingers instead join at the palm and lightly lay your fingers over the top as the pictured on the left) Now have your partner move his shoulder/or palm forward and back, this will be your queue to step back or step forward. He should be firm with his approach and place his right hand on your lower back to help guide you around. **If you can’t feel his movements: do not move your upper body simply take a few steps back so your leaning towards each other (you should feel each other’s body weight but still be able to move).**
3.Fun fact: ballroom dancing is all about the lady; for example: he should lightly raise his right arm that is on your waist so you can comfortably rest your left arm upon it and while he's guiding you around the dancefloor it should be all about showing you off.
4.Don't look down (see above "1.") If you must glance down every now and then, you can just to make sure your feet are meeting somewhere in the middle and if your shorter don't be afraid to take larger steps (it will feel awkward at first).
5. Relax you’ll look like pros in no time!
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Our bartender is able to make our cocktails with dry ice (bonus: without any added expense) I can't wait:

The Thompson-tini
Cranberry Juice, Raspberry Vodka, with a Splash of Lime Juice and Grenadine

I'm pretty excited since we're having a fog machine during our ceremony to add drama to our entrance LOL...
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I can't believe I fell for this Argh!... so as I had mentioned before we met with who I thought was a dance choreographer instead it was with some hard pressed salesperson who could dance (she told us we couldn’t meet with the actual choreographer due to them having such a busy schedule but we would meet with them as soon as we decided on a package, WTF?). I ended up being suckered into paying for what I thought would be a consultation and a dance lesson instead we were coerced to purchase $1000+ package and did less than 10 min. of teaching if you could even call it that. What a joke! Sorry 2min. dance routine should not cost a small fortune. What do you think am I wrong? Is anybody hiring a dance choreographer for their first dance, how much are you paying? I'm so disappointed I really was looking forward to our first dance but at this rate my FH and I will be creating our own routine. The most irritating thing is that I had asked how much this would be and she said:

"We offer personalized packages for wedding couples starting with our two half hour wedding consultation lessons for $20. If you would like to set up a consultation, we can help to personalize a package for you and give you an accurate rate based on your vision for your first dance. Let us know if this is something that you're interested in and we'll be happy to help you with your first dance. :) Have a great day!

-Nicole, Dance FX Studios
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We hired a coordinator for the day of the wedding best wedding investment yet! I must add but the control freak in me does not like it one bit. Well, she contacted us and we met with her this past weekend. I wasn't sure what the meeting was for but I was not expecting her to completely take all my DIY decorations away... needless to say after she left I was balling. I was not ready to throw in the towel call my projects finished although everyone else would beg to differ in any case I know my FH is glad to see it disappear and I don't have to listen to him complain it's like living in a bad episode of Hoarders – he asked, “What are you going to do when we have kids and they go away to college?” :(

My to do list:
Go to our cake appointment
Finish our photo album
Work on our first dance **gasp** it's okay we have a consultation with a dance instructor. (I am totally not feeling the direction we were originally going hopefully will get some inspiration)
and finally pick up my dress - SWEET!
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So I figured out a way to directly print on ribbon and I decided to redo my toss garter. I wanted to do something fun so the fortune on the garter reads, “May you have everything you want in life and have a garage big enough to put it in!” I sent the ribbon for the toss bouquet to our florists and it reads, "When flowers bloom, I hope you will not sneeze and may you always have someone to squeeze."

I apologize for the awful pic, hopefully we'll get a new camera soon but this is one of the main reasons I haven't been able to share more. I just can't wait to finally get the pro pics of everything on the big day! :)
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Hobby Lobby has all their flowers and bridal stuff 50% off so I couldn't resist I'm actually struggling with what I'm going to do with my extra time after the wedding is over :(

These are very simple to make. I like to cut the felt into a heart shape and use this as my base and then I adhere everything to it using a glue gun. The third picture shows the back of it and I started to autograph and date all my work hehe... if anybody is interested I can make these for you with your coordinating colors just let me know :)
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I'm so happy to finally share this with you the Etsy seller is Lynn's Creations (the link I believe is in my previous post below). Yayyyy all we have left to do is our meeting with the cake designer and were set! Not much time left, I have my trial hair and make-up next week stay tuned for pics…
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