Aug 8, 2008

since we were having a beach themed wedding i reasearched it on the internet and came up with the idea.. i must say its been wonderful hearing all the comments...It was a first in Grenada! many people didnt realise it was an invitation until they looked at the label on the bottle - Titus & Ebony "The Colors of Love"
My husband and i both worked night and day preparing them and it was funny...we had to steal sand on the beach in the night lol lol we went home with 2 buckets of sand and didnt need as much as 2 so there was lots of sand remaining for my other ideas...
Getting the bottles was left up to the groom, after that it was smooth sailing...we made labels put the sand in the bottles first, then added some glitter and confetti... and folded the invitations (which were printed and paid for by my cousin Troy - Thank God!) and with a tie of a ribbon - WALLAH! Message in a bottle! i enjoyed making them and hope to do them some day again for a friend's wedding
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Orange Wedding Invitation message in a bottle style
Orange Wedding Invitation message in a bottle style
Orange Wedding Invitation message in a bottle style
mintcy's Pink wedding
Louisburg, NC, USA
if i may ask where did your husband get the empty bottles from.  I am doing message in a bottle invotes as well and everywhere o n the net they have the bottles but with the invites, I am doing the invites my self and only need the bottle
thecharlerys's Orange wedding
Saint george's, Saint george, Grenada
well i tried to order the bottles on the internet also but i thought it would be too costly since we live in the caribbean. Our bottles are non-recyclable Angostura LLB (Lemon-lime bitters). I believe they were originially made in Australia but we have them sold here in Grenada through our local breweries and shops so what he did was simply buy a few crates of LLB drinks, empty the liquid, wash & dry them and we bought the corks for the bottle at a local pharmacy at about 10cents per cork.

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