Jan 7, 2010

So I have lost 2 bridesmaids through text messages today. I was kinda sad. They have been dragging me along the WHOLE time!! The really bummer thing is that I think I may have lost 3 groomsmen also, with one being the 2 BM's brother, and the other 2 groomsmen being my FH's closest cousins. We will see if anyone else backs out.

Kinda bummed.

Then on top of that, I may get to see my FH next weekend and he is taking me to a midnight musical for the Stellar Awards. My sisters dont think that I can dress. I like classic, sleek, and sophisticated looks. I admit that I don't dress really "hip" because of 2 reasons. No. 1, being I am a teacher and the clothes I have got me through student teaching and practicum. I had to be school appropriate. Reason no. 2, I am paying bills before me and Ced get married. So that means, NO extra money!!!

It hurts my feelings when they say that they have to "approve" my outfit like I just dress super ugly.

Oh well....
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How I was looking when I got the text messages.
bananapants's Green wedding
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Oh honey.  I'm sorry.  :(  Suck.  

I hope you have a GREAT time at the midnight musical.  It sounds like you could use some good laughs!
tunatuna's Yellow wedding
Portland, OR, USA
Hey I'm with you! Screw what the girls think, the clothes are you and there's nothing wrong with that, and look how far you've gotten! =)  Have an awesome time at the midnight musical, you deserve it hon!

Sorry about the bridesmaids stuff, that's tough. Hugs!
nidhal's Purple wedding
Los angeles, CA, USA
Classic, sleek and sophisticated sounds like you CAN dress. It's not about the clothes, it's about your confidence in them :) Keep your head up!

Sometimes, less bridesmaids can be a blessing, especially if they were dragging anyway. You want girls there to hold you up so roll with the ones who want to be right next to you. It will be perfect. xoxox
saminta5's Pink wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
Honey do NOT sweat the small stuff, less girls means less bridal party gifts and less rehersal dinner mouths to feed. It's their lost cause when everyone be talking about what a wonderful time they had at YOUR wedding they will be jealous....or maybe that is why they backed out on you at the last minute,cause they ARE jealous...things that make you go hhhuuummmm.

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