Royal Blue and Gold Wedding Color Scheme Inspiration Board
Royal Blue and Gold Wedding Color Scheme Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board
Royal Blue and Gold Wedding Color Scheme

This collage all started with the bridesmaid dress. I liked the form-fitting silhouette and the pickups that start mid-thigh. The rich royal blue color was something I hadn't seen very much in other inspiration boards. The bride's dress reflects the same style but stands out with a halter neckline and a gold sash. In the tablesetting the color scheme continues with royal blue tablecloths and gold charger plates, as well as introducing the hydrangeas and lilies. The light blue hydrangeas can be repeated into the light blue vests and darker ties on the groom and his groomsmen. I chose a flowergirl with a white dress and a gold striped waistband to be similar to the bride without being a "mini bride." And finally the runner down the aisle is monogrammed in gold to add elegant, custom decor to the ceremony venue. The shade of gold I chose was toward the reddish/champagne side of the spectrum and I think that warms the color scheme more than a yellow gold.

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(Photo credits: Bouquet in window: hollychappleflowers.typepad.com; Aisle runner: karentran.com; Groom's vest: eptuxs.com; Flowergirl: pegeen.com; Tablesetting: bellabeachweddings.com; Cake: cakedecorating.us; Bridal gown: bidorbuy.co.za; Bridesmaid: ellaparkbridal.com; Bouquet: jrobbinsflorist.com; )
's  wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  10/03/2009  | 
Very rich looking! It reminds me of royalty?
flowerchild's Yellow wedding
 |  Halifax, NS, Canada  |  10/04/2009  | 
thelaststraw's Pink wedding
 |  Seattle, WA, USA  |  10/06/2009  | 
Thank you both! I think you're right, rodrhonda4ever. It reminds me of a royal wedding too. Colors can certainly make something look rich without meaning you have to be rich ;-)
msdarlene's Purple wedding
 |  New orleans, LA, USA  |  02/22/2010  | 
I fell in love with ehis board. Georgeous!!!!!
LOVE IT!!! my favorite
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