Hi Ladies!!!!!!! Here are a few sneak peeks from our lovely photographer Danielle. She was GREAT!!!! Overall, the day did NOT go as planned, but it was still the HAPPIEST day of my life! I was sick...yes SICK on my wedding day and the day before. Full recap to come!!!

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Non-Pro Picture
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe how fast the time went. I'm finally starting to get nervous, but I'm also very excited about the big day!!!! Even with all the planning I've done I still feel there's no end in sight, there's ALWAYS something to do!
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Ok, so I finally convinced my FI to do a fun first dance instead of stepping (it's a chicago thing) or the general slow dance. So instead we are going to re-do one of my favorite dance offs of all time! House Party!

Now this got me to thinking about actually being able to do the moves in my wedding dress and becasue I've grown more and more fond of having a reception dress I decided to go for it. So this will be my reception dress. I don't feel too bad having two dresses cause with alterations they both cost less than $700. And I've been justifying this by telling myself that it's my wedding day! I only plan on getting married once and I don't want to look back on the day and wish I would have done something different.
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Blue Rock the Reception! Dress #2
Can anybody reproduce this monogram for me? I'm usually pretty good at this but i can't find the graphic I need. I ordered monograms from an online vendor who shall remain nameless and she stole my money and never sent me the monograms! I heard she was sick or something but I don't know how true it is. Anyhow, this situation left me in need of a monogram so any help would be appreciated!

PS: I want something similar to this one or with some kind of Damask print, but in Turquoise and Black.

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Monogram wbc
I also designed and ordered my RSVP Postcards from Vista Print. These are great, cause postcard postage is only 27 cents! I got the idea from some brides on the knot. By the way my DIY invitations have been kicking my butt this week! I should be done by Saturday, they are late as heck going out but O well!
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RSVP Postcard 1
RSVP Postcard wbc
So I designed these photo sharing cards in publisher and ordered from Vista Print. I'll have them in random locations throughout the reception and included in the CD escort cards as well.
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Photo sharing cards 1
Photo sharing cards 2
I loved the look of the guest book table set up in the picture, so in order to re-create my own I purchased (from Craigslist) 20 glasses in 2 different sizes for about 10 bucks and also 10 cylinder vases for the dollar store. And speaking of the Dollar Tree they have a site where you can order items in bulk. www.dollartreedirect.com. But the table will have rose petals sprinkled on it with the glasses and vases, some will have floating candles and some will have flowers and some will have black gel with white votives.
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For our reception decor, we're doing black table linens with black and white damask runners, turquoise napkins, and white or clear plates. With the centerpieces I wanted to incorporate a pop of color as well as candle light. For the pop of color I'm using Crystal accents flower water absorbing flower gel in turquoise. I ordered a few packs for my trial and I'm sold. I'm having a very simple fish bowl vase filled with turquoise crystals and flowers surrounded by 8 tealights.

I took this picture with my cellphone so it looks horrible, but the idea of the set up is there except there will be 1 round fishbowl and the flowers wont be dying! LOL! The second picture is a close up of what the gel looks like, unfortunately I can't find a close up of the turquoise on the internet.
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Blue Wedding Decoration Crystal Accents for a pop of color!!!
So our Photographer is the bomb!! I'm glad we were patient and did'nt just go with anyone! Our photographs are gonna be our best memories and I wanted to make sure we hired the right person. She's great, I can't be more pleased! Not to mention her prices are unbelieveable! Word of advice don't shy away from up and coming photographers.

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Blue Wedding Photography She's the bomb!!
Ok, so I personally think these bridesmaids dresses are the BOMB! They are very ME, and they also look good on all the girls!!! Bonus....they did'nt have to worry about any alterations, Bonus#2.....they can definitely wear these again for real! So far we're 9 out of 10 for dresses, waiting on one more girl to get hers then I can stop stalking her! LOL! The picture does not do the dress justice, the material is wonderful and it truly is a great dress for all body types and not to mention the versatility and price!
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