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How soon is too soon for a bridal shower?

I'm curious to know how soon is too soon for to have a bridal shower? My good friends would like to have a bridal shower/celebration party for me in February due to the fact that I haven't had a chance to celebrate my engagement but my wedding isn't until late August. I'm having another one in May in my home state of Virginia hosted by my sisters. So is February to soon?
amcs76's Green wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  11/04/2008  | 
Yes I think 6 months might be considered too soon. Generally showers are held 2-3 months prior to the wedding.
's  wedding
 |  Owings mills, MD, USA  |  11/04/2008  | 
well since you are having  one some where else i think you can have it at anytime
gonzo17's Blue wedding
 |  Austin, TX, USA  |  11/04/2008  | 
i agree-about 2 months prior is the general time.
but hey-it's your shower!
kcuevas313's Pink wedding
 |  Gulfport, MS, USA  |  11/04/2008  | 
Well, my first shower was 7 months early. My second shower was 5 months early and my next shower will be 3 months before the wedding. I'll have 3 more after that also. The reason we started ours so soon was because we had so many. We both have very big families and lots of friends. I think it's just personal preference. I don't think there's a rule saying you should or shouldn't do it at any certain time.
highlyfavoredbride's Blue wedding
 |  Atlanta, GA, USA  |  11/04/2008  | 
I think you should do whatever you like, I'm having a birthday/bridal shower in Dec and two more showers after that. So if your friends want to have you one go for it
soon2bmrsfrancois's Black wedding
 |  Fort lauderdale, FL, USA  |  11/05/2008  | 
im having four starting in jan and im not getting married until dec 2009
kandi08's Pink wedding
 |  Little rock, AR, USA  |  12/16/2008  | 
Consider yourself blessed to have friends that want to throw a shower for your!  My bridal party immediately starting planning my shower as soon as they had each other's contact information and mine is going to be in April (August wedding).  Whatever works best for you and them, go for it!
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