sand ceremony
sand ceremony
sand ceremonyChocolate Sand Ceremony Option for outdoor wedding

Sand Ceremony
Option for outdoor wedding

According to the wedding blogs, more and more couples are using the Sand Ceremony- also known as the Unity Sand Ceremony- in their nuptials. This somehow seem more practical than the unity candle for our outdoor wedding. I can see my FH and I struggling to light a unity candle wick only to have it repeatedly blown out by the breeze...lol!!!
kialin2011's Blue wedding
 |  Owings mills, MD, USA  |  08/02/2008  | 
yes since you are having a outdoor wedding the sand unity will be nice
mochabrown's Chocolate wedding
 |  Atlanta, GA, USA  |  08/02/2008  | 
I agree sand ceremony seems perfect for an outdoor wedding
charlie813's Chocolate wedding
 |  Huntsville, AL, USA  |  08/02/2008  | 
Haha I never thought about that, which is funny because I went to a wedding outdoors last year and their candle kept blowing out!  We are doing the Water Ceremony, which is the sand ceremony but with water.  We like it better because the 2 different colors of water actually combine and make a new color, instead of the sand which just sits on top of each other.

Plus side of the sand, however, is that you can save it and it makes a beautiful, sentimental piece for your house.  Just make sure the audience isn't upwind and the sand goes blowing in their faces!
tamaragb's Chocolate wedding
 |  Carmel, NY, USA  |  08/03/2008  | 
my cousin had a beach wedding and used sand- blue and yellow- the colors of the wedding!
elle2wed's Orange wedding
 |  Mableton, GA, USA  |  08/03/2008  | 
We are using sand as well, since we are having a outdoor wedding ceremony
's  wedding
 |  Lithonia, GA, USA  |  08/05/2008  | 
ive seen this before at my brother's wedding it was different and pretty cool design once the sand is pour in after
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