Here are three different ways I found to incorporate nature & trees into the wedding- All of which are very clever!


This first first picture is a wedding guest book. Guest write on the cards wishes or advice for married life rather than simpy signing their names.


This picture has been posted before- Its a wedding tree guest book. Not sure about using the ink but I think even using the leaves to make a nice decorative picture you could display in your house would be nice.


This is a placecard tree. They have organised the various trees into alphabetical order so A-F G-K etc. Looks very effective and easy enough to find your table number. I think you could even shape the paper like leaves if you wanted.

Not sure which one I like best yet!
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Wedding advice & wishes tree
Wedding Guest Book- 'Leaf your name on our wedding tree'
Placecard tree
Kind of new to this blog thing but it doesn't look too hard!

So heres the low down- getting married in October approx 7 months away- and I know thats going to creep up fast. At the moment I'm thinking spring themed ideas. Green- apple, irish or whatever you want to call it! (the in between green so not lime, sage of dark dark green) Trees, branches etc maybe even a few love birds here & there. Green & white flowers. Slightly rustic, a bit of DIY thrown in with a smaller budget.

This is a beautiful wedding picture that I saved off another blog site- I just love the tree as the centrepiece to the ceremony of their outdoor wedding- if my ceremony looks even half as beautiful I would be happy. Looks like a fairy-tale
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