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I can't believe I'm at my 200 day mark... Holy Cow!!! Time has flown by so quickly. To think that I was engaged over a year ago, and now less than 7 months until the big day! We've gotten so much done, I feel wonderful. I can't imagine how people work with such short engagements! 18 months seemed TOO long at first, but now I'm glad that we've gotten the time to kick back and ENJOY the planning, not just rush through it.

Thanks to my girl Trish for reminding me of this 'milestone' day!!! : )
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Here are some of my girls! This is during our bridesmaids weekend when they came to try on their dresses, then we went out on the town afterwards. I have such a FUN and AWESOME group of girls! In the picture, 5 of my 8 bridesmaids. Unfortunately 3 couldn't make it out with us that night....

The cab driver on the radio on the way downtown: "6 lovely ladies going to Hardware Bar for body shots... over!"

What a fun night *smiles*
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Kate, Christi, Me, Alison, Amanda and Rachel - all of my favorites :)
Up close and personal : )
I want to say THANK YOU to all of the other brides on WBC that have posted ideas and pictures for Votive Placecards. I have borrowed a few of your pictures - hope you don't mind! This is what we'll be doing for our placecards, and they will double for part of our favor too!

They say to make sure you use tea lights in here, not votives. Makes it not so hot to the touch. Also, try to get 10 hour tealights if possible, since they will be lit before the reception and you still want them to be burning at the end of the reception!

They sound so easy to make, so they'll be another DIY project for my mom and I! They keep adding up : )
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Votive Placecards
Pink ribbon instead possibly
Votive Placecard 4
Great idea - with just a different font
Set out on the table
So, I don't think that any of my girls on are this site, so I should be safe posting this stuff. But, just in case, NO PEEKING GIRLS!!!

I'll be getting each of the girls a personalized wine glass. It is a white wine glass with their first initial in rhinestones on the glass. I priced these online for $20+ per glass! Get outta town!! I can make these myself for much less. I've found the correct rhinestones and glue to make them stay on the glass even when washed. The rhinestones will match each girls favorite color. I'll, of course, have one for myself too since I LOVE wine : )

The girls will also be getting personalized jewelry bags -- who doesn't need one!? I don't have anything for my jewelry when I travel, so hopefully this will come in helpful to everyone.

My sister-in-law Rachel will also be making each girl a personalized tote bag to carry their wedding day stuff in. She makes the most adorable bags and purses, then embroiders the initials or name on the bag. I can make them any type of fabric/color I want! Thank goodness for Rachel : )

Then, the girls will of course be getting their wedding day jewelry, which I haven't yet decided on. Hopefully soon!!
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Wine Glasses
Jewelry Roll
This is what my ideal bouquet will look like - down to the berries and all! Girls bouquets won't match, but oh well : ) Theirs will go with their pink dresses, and mine will match my dress. Soft, romantic and overflowing!!
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Bridal Bouquet Wedding
FINALLY found a picture of my engagement ring! We've only been engaged for, well, over a year now!! It's the most beautiful ring - absolutely what I wanted! He did a fantastic job with it : ) Now onto shopping for wedding bands to match!
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Engagement Ring
Save the Dates are officially done and sent!! Got the magnets from MagnetStreet -- they were fantastic to work with! Very quick turnaround time. Got a proof the same day and the went to print immediately. Got within 2 weeks. Come with nice, silver lined envelopes.

(Sorry they are somewhat hard to see!)
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Save the Date Scan
So here are a few choices for the bouts. I love the Stephanotis with the pearls in the center, and so does my florist! Any feedback on which one you like best?

** Update **

So, met with the florist this morning... WOOHOO! Once more 'check' off my list of things to do! My florist is absolutely WONDERFUL! She is super creative and has sooo many great ideas for us. We have decided on the following:

Stephanotis Bouts for my groom, the fathers and grandfathers. She will also incorporate hyperculum berries and greenery on the bouts.

Fuschia pink dendrobium orchid bouts for the groomsmen. The mothers will have the same orchids, but as a beautiful wristlet corsage. The grandmothers will have white dendrobium wristlet corsages - same as the mothers, just different color.

Beautiful centerpieces will include green hydrangea, fuschia peonies, orange gerbera daisies, yellow snapdragons and greenery. They will be high (eiffel tower height), which will compliment the low candles arrangements on the other half of the tables. Will have TONS of candlelight and scattered peonies on the tables.

SUPER EXCITED about my flowers!!!! : )
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Stephanotis Bout for groom, fathers and grandfathers!
White Dendrobium Orchid for corsages!
Fuschia Dendrobium Orchid for corsages and groomsmen's bouts
Here is a great idea that I found at She draws beautiful maps that are catered to the town that you are being married in. These could be a wonderful idea if you have a large amount of out of town guests, or just want to add that special 'flair' to the invitations!

Visit for more fun ideas!
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