Jul 10, 2010

Help ladies, im using berry, charcoal, and white. mostly choarcoal and white for the winter wonderland look, Is it still oky to use blue uplights although its not in my color scheme? i wasn't to sure about this what other color uplights can i use to still give the room a romantic wintery feel Thanks in advance
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Purple Ask a Question Is it oky to still use Blue uplights???
vanessaandchris82010's Black wedding
La junta, CO, USA
The blue uplights is a good choice. It goes with the winter wonderland look just fine. Any other color might throw it off.
kristybeep's Green wedding
Newnan, GA, USA
I don't know about the shape of your location but you could do purple or berry in the corners to spice it up a bit if you wanted. Blue is awesome!

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