Feb 8, 2009

Ok, ladies I wonder if this is gonna be a hard project? Should i buy this crystal tree or jus make it myself? I really would like to make it myself so do anyone know where i can purchase the crystals with the holes in them and what can i do to hook them on the tree and also where can i get the branches?
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crystal tree
tobemrsf's Red wedding
Pacoima, CA, USA
shopwildthings.com has everything youwill need.
bakerbride's Black wedding
Bakersfield, CA, USA
I found some really nice swarovski crystals to add a little more bling on EBAY at the best price I could find.. 99 cents for 10 and so on but you really have to look for the deals..
mechelle's Blue wedding
Wilkes barre, PA, USA
This place has all different sizes and styles to chose from, this is where I will be buying mine.

http://www.mcgillswarehouse.com/ for the crystals

And the trees from

http://manzanita.com/trees1.htm for the trees
vintagebabe's Green wedding
Lake placid, NY, USA
I made my crystal tree. Super easy. I got my crystal strands from cristalier.com they are already ready to hang. You just hang them in the tree after you put it where you want it. No attaching needed. There is a loop already in between EACH crystal so you can divide the strands wherever you want and hang with without a hassle.

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