Apr 13, 2010

oky so i found that salix branches are soooo much cheaper than curly willow branches, so these are ordered, what i was wondering is Should i spray them silver and im going to add crushed glass/ice on the endz so they will look like snow or spray them white. I think silver. Thanks
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Purple Wedding Decoration using salix branches instead of curly willow
alwayshis's Red wedding
Saint charles, IL, USA
ooo, the silver would be really cool for a wintery feel :) thanks for the post...I was going to buy some willow branches but this seems like a cheaper option!
chelsea11's Red wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
We are doing the same idea for our wedding. I really like the silver idea (FH doesnt!!!) I think it makes it look more wintery and magical!
Where did you get these?
macbride's Orange wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Yes silver would look great!
tiffbride10's Purple wedding
Bogalusa, LA, USA
i got these from save-on-crafts.com the were like 3.99 a branch instead of like 10 or 12 a branch
's  wedding
Horticulture guy
Greenville, SC, USA
Salix is the botanical genus of willow. It's the same thing.

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