Mar 23, 2009

My MOH accompanied me when I went to order my dress. We saw a picture of a bridesmaids dress that we thought would look nice with my dress. As luck would have it the store had it on their rack. She tried it looked like a glove. We loved it! BUT the designer didn't have it in a color that I was looking we held up the different color swatches up against my dress to see if it would work (really--how can you tell with a 4 inch by 1 inch piece of fabric). I only felt luke-warm about the Cafe color and was a little bummed since I loved the dress. So I began a search for another dress convinced that I didn't like the color that we looked at. Well I had made my way back out to the area where the bridal salon is (about 3 hours from my home) to check out a photographer and decided to pop in the store again. I wanted to see what other colors they had and see the Cafe color again. I asked if they had a dress in stock that was in the Cafe color. They did so I was able to compare a real dress with that color against my dress and it looked awesome. It brought out the gold tones in my beadwork. YAY! Crisis diverted. It isn't a brown Cafe color but had more of the gold tones (I really didn't want brown in my wedding).

On a positive note--my dress will be in the shop 7 May--I'm really hoping it will be sooner but I won't hold my breath. My consultant is so excited to see my dress (i think just as much as I am). It's red and she is just tickled that I am keeping it a secret from everyone except my mom and MOH.
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Red Bridesmaids Finally have her dress picked out!
britt262006's Red wedding
the red is so Pretty.Im looking for Crimson Color Dress for my girls or close to it
cherry268's Chocolate wedding
Hammond, LA, USA
I love that you're going with a red dress!  I'm sure it will be the wow factor of the wedding.  I think the two colors will work out perfectly if the pics are any indication of the two colors!  Are you getting excited yet?
divinehnyb's Blue wedding
Vernon rockville, CT, USA
That is too funny... I loved this dress and wanted my girls to wear but they didnt have it in my wedding colors. Your girls will look amazing!

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