Blue Shoes I fell in love with these

I fell in love with these

Why did I look at shoes? No idea, just like that and fell in love with these. Now I'm not able to let them go and they are freaking expensive, atleast for me $380, no way I can spend on shoes.
heddershell's Pink wedding
 |  Dexter, MO, USA  |  12/23/2009  | 
I had a post about wanting to buy those shoes!  I was SOOO obsessed and couldn't find them for less than $428, but one day colehaan.com had a 25% off deal (I almost went for it, but figured for the price they were still too tall and bought something completely different for $20).  Maybe they'll have a sale after Christmas!  Good luck!
scotchminx's Yellow wedding
 |  Ottawa, ON, Canada  |  12/24/2009  | 
Well, if you are gonna fall in love with any shoe, it might as well be these ones.

These are so so so cute. I am also in love with them. Did everyone get you their gifts for X-mas this year...just sayin'.
salmash's  wedding
 |  Cairo, Herat, Egypt  |  12/24/2009  | 
Girls I saw this exact pair of shoes in a local store in Cairo, Egypt -which is where I come from- and they were on sale for only 220 EGP (=$40)!!!!!!
I feel terribly sorry for u that u have to pay THAT fortune to get a pair of pretty shoes :(
's  wedding
Jessica Brown
 |  North hills, CA, USA  |  12/24/2009  | 
well, i know that you (and I) would die for those shoes, but necessity is the greatest inventor. why don't you buy the same base slip on shoe from payless, go to a craft store and hot glue the roses on. they have alot of different ways you could make your own shoe.
tobemrsnuss's Blue wedding
 |  Athens, GA, USA  |  12/24/2009  | 
That's exactly what I thought, Jessica brown. I tried to make ribbin flowers and they turned out beautiful. Although, I'm still looking for the plain shoes. I'm shoe size 6 and it is so freaking hard to find right shoes. I went to payless yesterday and they have same shoes (without flowers) for $10 (awesome deal, right?) but I could not walk in them. I saw very basic shoes at DB and going there today. I'll find somewhere and make my own.
Wish me good luck!!
blkbutterfly's Pink wedding
 |  Killeen, TX, USA  |  12/27/2009  | 
They are soooooo cute!!
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