May 20, 2010

Question Ladies…. Are you having any problems with your sister(s) or girlfriend(s)? OMFreakinGod!!!! My sister is being so difficult… I don’t understand. She is not being very helpful and when I ask for her help she’s being difficult about it. This is supposed to be a memorable and great experience for not only me but for both of us and it’s not happening. It’s gotten to a point that I seriously asked her to really think about being my bridesmaid. I really want her to be in my wedding but I’m just a little skeptical about it now. I don’t want this be an okay experience. I’m only planning to get married once so I want this to be something I will always cherish. I love her.. and wish it weren't like this.

No cat fights... i thought the pic was kind of funny.

How are you dealing with this?
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macbride's Orange wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
I'm not experiencing this but it sounds like your sister is a little green with envy.
browncurls's Blue wedding
Port richey, FL, USA
I have a sister alil something like this. I ask her for her advice and she shrugs or really doesn't give me her advice. We have always been opposite so I try not to put to much thought into it! If you feel uncomfortable than you should follow your instincts! I asked my sis to be a bridesmaid along time ago and since the replanning started I haven't really talked to her about my wedding stuff. I agree with macbride she might be bitter about it...thats how I think my sister feels. Wishing it was her. I am the first of my mother's daughters to be tying the knot!
Maybe you should just talk to her?
bryanswife17's Red wedding
Bowie, MD, USA
im having issues with the majority of my bridesmaids. i think its really coming down to a jealously issue of the fact i am happy, and in a better place than they may ever be. or it may just be a selfish issue, they dont want to take time out of what they call "busy lives" and lend a hand or even ear.
idk, what the issue is with my girls, but i just posted a letter i sent to them just today you should read it.
mrsmosley's Chocolate wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
I been having these same troubles... i asked my mom to tell my sister to please not wear this crazy looking leopard dress!!! She told my other sister was going to wear to gain lots of attention. i have a feeling she's joking (because the dress is so not cute) but then you have to wonder why is pretending like this and trying to stress me out??

I say do the best you can to ignore her and then if you can't no longer inorder to not make things ugly have someone else mention it to her. maybe she'll see it from there point of view. Good luck, i need it too =)
angb13's Green wedding
Port moody, BC, Canada
my family is being odd too. Normally we get along fine - great actually. But my mother is threatening not to come and my sister cries and mentions her dead dog everytime I talk wedding... Everyone tells me I still have a year things will be ok but this has been going on for 8 months already.
My friends are fairly indifferent which doesn't help much either. Hence why I'm bombarding everyone on WBC.
maripoza's Orange wedding
Burbank, CA, USA
Talk with your sister and let her know how important planning your wedding in harmony is to you. How is she being difficult? Is she putting down your ideas? Bridesmaids are supposed to be your strongest supporters and cheerleaders. : )

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