Jul 29, 2009

I couldn't find wedding jewellery that I really liked anywhere. I'm not a blingy kind of girl, and all the "wedding" jewellery is just too . . . well, not me. I like big pendants and medallions, usually, but I didn't see anything that'd work in a store. So I decided to go visit The Beadery, a bead store in town that's closing down. There, I saw a design by a woman who said she'd make it for me for $120. "Self", I said (and I knew it was me because I recognized the voice), "I can make that!". Now, have I ever made jewellery before? No. Did that stop me? No. Should I be institutionalized? Probably. But I have to say, I think it came out really, really well. Oh, yeah. And it cost me $70 to make, out of Swarovski crystals, INCLUDING all the tools and stuff that I didn't already have. Yay me. :o)

P.S. Michael's has much of their jewellery making stuff on sale right now, including Swarovski crystals and stuff . . .
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Pink DIY Wedding Wedding Jewellery
esquared's Blue wedding
Temperance, MI, USA
those are really pretty!!  good job :)
tammark2008's Pink wedding
Memphis, TN, USA
These look awesome, I started out this route, but started doing so many other things, that I stopped, maybe I will pick this task back up later.  Godd job!
futuresmrst's Black wedding
Enterprise, AL, USA
great job!
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Looks like you and Sapphire  (Blue Bride) could go into business together.  Your work is very sililar, & equally beautiful.  Im sure your girls will love it.
's  wedding
Minneapolis, MN, USA
I love that you're sticking with what YOU like.  This is so pretty!

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