Jan 9, 2009

Hello Ladies,

Happy New Year to all my fellow WBC brides, I've missed you all. I had to take a little break to get things situated. But I'm back and ready to start adding new posts.

I would like you all to give my bestfriend LaToiya a warm WBC welcome. She's newly engaged (12/22/08) and I am so excited that we are gonna go down this journey together. She is one of my bridesmaids and I will be her Matron of Honor. We've been bestfriends since our senior year of high and have been nearly joined at the hip since. In the last fews years we have grown and matured into strong independent women with good GOD fearing men in our lives. I am so very excited and proud of her and who she's become. Three years ago if either of us were asked if this is where we would be, we both would have said no and with an attitude. We had plans to live and be together forever. Now I'm in New Jersey and she's in Chicago and we both got engaged in 2008 and both are getting married in 2009 (2 months apart). How exciting!!!! She is my bestfriend and my sister and I just can't wait til her big day. I love her with all my heart and even though we aren't joined at the hip anymore we're forever joined at the heart.

Please check out her page (I couldn't wait for her to join). Her page name is, endlesslove and her color is chocolate.
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My bestfriend Toiya
Toiya's 28th B-Day
Graduation Party 2007 (25)
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
I've seen her page - love the photos of her engagement!
endlesslove's Chocolate wedding
Lombard, IL, USA
I love you too girl and can't imagine going through this without you!  I'm ready for WBC 101 because there is so much to do and i'm clueless....................so let me know when you can pimp my page!

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