May 20, 2009

So, I decided to change the time of our ceremony after I already printed our invitations...they are printed as seven thirty in the evening and I would like it to be seven now....I decided I am going to put these sparkly little heart stickers over the part of the time that is incorrect. It's in the middle of the page exactly and the colors match perfectly so it really looks kind of cute.
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here2help's Blue wedding
Mesa, AZ, USA
Well, honestly....the best thing to do would be re-print the invites. You could do an insert stating the change in time....but it very well could be over-looked....and cause a lot of people to miss the ceremony time. You could also very carefully close off the "3" with something like a Sharpie pen....then blame the printers if anyone asks....but it was just "too late to change it" :p Hope everything works out ok :)
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Saint john's, NL, Canada
I think it's worth the $$$ to reprint that part of the invitations.

The wedding day is hectic as it is.  I wouldn't want to worry about a bunch of people walk into the church half-way through my ceremony! I think it would cause confusion, and people may be upset because they missed the ceremony (or most of it).

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