Sep 4, 2008

I have absolutly no idea weather to do Save the date or wedding invitations or both. I really have to idea what they both are or what the difference is. If i do save the date's, when would i start sending them out?! Please someone help me!!
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irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
Save the dates really are for destination weddings where people need alot of advance time perhaps to book time off work, get the money together to go away and to give people notice basically. I dont think its necessary to send save the dates if you are getting married locally because you just send your invites out 6-8 wks prior to the date which is the norm for everyone.

I sent my invites out (not save the dates) 10 months before the wedding as we are getting married in another continent (we live in Ireland getting married in Mexico) and we needed to give ppl time and notice to get the money together, book the time off work and we sent out a leaflet of information incl the accommodation details and flight info etc - I thought sending save the dates would be a complete waste of money foe me as I would have had to send out the information with prices etc before people could book anyway. Save the dates can be sent up to a year in advance. My parents got one a few months ago for a wedding in Bermuda in May next year. Hope that clears it up.!
im2babyblue4u's Blue wedding
Mobile, AL, USA
Save the date cards are definitely optional, but not just for destination weddings...any type of wedding can have save the dates but they aren't necessary unless you have a large enough budget to do both.  I've seen them sent out anywhere from 6 months to a year before the wedding, more time if there will be travel involved and less time if you are just making people aware of the date and what them to mark it on their calendar.  

Invitations on the other hand are pretty much a must because they will not only tell your guests what the date will be, but of course all of the other details of the wedding such as the ceremony and reception location, addresses, time of the wedding, and you can even include directions, response cards (to tell you how many people plan on actually attending), and even reception cards if you choose.
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Greenville, SC, USA
save the dates are also helpful if you are having a wedding on a holiday weekend. my wedding will be in another state & also on a holiday weekend so we are sending out save the dates. we purchased postcards off vistaprint w/ our wedding website printed on them to save money. also we are DIYing our invitations. its not always a waste of money, you can do several things to cut costs.

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