May 31, 2010

I think getting married put me in a rut!! I have NO energy to plan this reception. Ruh Rooh (says Astro!)

Last night I did order my pocket folds, belly bands etc but other than that, nadda!

I have my Daughters graduation on June 3rd and then her Grad party July 3rd. I still have a million baseball/softball/POMS activities and 27 centerpieces to make. I have to have the invitations printed and assembled to send out in July as well..oh gotta order the dance floor too..UGH!! OHH Table numbers too....crap LOL!!

I just feel SOOO content now that I am married, I just don't have any energy left.
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mibride080610's Purple wedding
Grand rapids, MI, USA
I'm sure it's part of being in wedded Bliss! I'm sure you'll get your mojo back, besides after that long hunt for your dress I'm sure you want peole to see you in it!
unpredictablebride's Black wedding
Harvey, IL, USA
Ohh speaking of..My dress comes in June 11th!! YAY!! Excitinggggg!!

I hope you're right, Im just enjoying feeling content :)
ccranetobe's Orange wedding
Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia
I felt like I was getting in a rut too with a bit of stress. Taking a break was the best thing for me, even tho it was only 2 days. I came back feeling and knowing that I just had to do it. But I think your just in wedded bliss!! :D

Your dress comes in the day of my wedding makeup trial :D I bet your excited!!
tashasita's Purple wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
I know what you mean lol.

Thank God I did almost everything for August before, cuz I'm about done now! I don't wanna anymore!
foreverstartsnow's Black wedding
Barrie, ON, Canada
I am in a rut too don't worry! But things are falling into place and being married is great! (not like i know yet :P)

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