Nov 13, 2009

So just now I made my 1st wedding purchase..Im a dork! lol

Was a garter off of Ebay for 18 bucks. I called Chris and said I have to get this now, its the only one with that center charm in silver I have seen (all the others are gold)
He said "Go for it"

I said there's no turning back now, I bought a garter lol

Did anyone else get giddy over their 1st stupid purchase? I'll enjoy this one, the next is the dress!
At least I was able to commit to a garter lol
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bella247's Black wedding
Indianapolis, IN, USA
That is too cute..:)
blkbutterfly's Pink wedding
Killeen, TX, USA
Lol!! You are too funny and dorky! LMBO By the's cute!!
trt117's Blue wedding
Pensacola, FL, USA
do it girl!!! you broke the mold!!! the purchasing gates have now opened and will now flood!!  lol!
unpredictablebride's Black wedding
Oak forest, IL, USA
LOL @ trt117!!

It  may be the gates of hell!! lol
10oct2010's Pink wedding
Jakarta, La massana, Indonesia
Wohoooo!! i was so excited too when i purchase my chinese dress. hahaha... that's my 1st wedding purchase! and I agree with you shayne, the gates of hell just opened!!!!

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