May 20, 2009

I am so lost on where is a good place to get married. i would like to get married on the beach and have the reception indoors but i am finding it very hard for some reason to find phone numbers and info. i need help. anything at this point will be helpful!
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gorgeous6's Pink wedding
Houston, TX, USA
Try this site, I searched the Los Angeles Area, hope this helps:
sema84's Black wedding
Mugla, Lezhe, Turkey
Hi there!
I think Beach weddings are fab (I am a little biased as thats what i am having lol- very simple and stress free to plan!)
Unfortunately i live in Europe so i wont be any help to you on location - sorry :-(
But just wanted to say welcome to the site and good luck! Keep us updated! x
mrsbraziel's Red wedding
Houston, TX, USA
05/21/2009 and search los angeles
wifewag's Orange wedding
Brentwood, CA, USA
Attend some bridal faires, search the web and look at the Southern California Bride Magazine
17angie23's Purple wedding
Westwood, NJ, USA
not sure if any of these would help?Good Luck in finding the Perfect Location.
bellajoy's Green wedding
Redondo beach, CA, USA
Try the Shade in Manhattan Beach.  Also, you can try the Belamar in Manhattan Beach.   I had my birthday party at the shade and it was really nice.  FH also propsed there. :)

Let me know how it goes.

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