Aug 6, 2009

Hello Ladies!

I havent been on in a bit, lots of stuff going on with work & our Jack & Jill Shower being this weekend Sat 8/8 but I wanted to take a minute to see how everyone was doing!
Time has been flying by!
I cant believe when I logged on today that my count down is 64 more days to the wedding!
2months and 4 days to be exact!
I must admitt , I am now starting to be nervous !
I have been very calm, cool & collected up to this point!
I mean I know things will go wrong & thats ok! I have carefully planned every detail soo far & know I have done the best I could planning for the what if's!

I guess I am nervous that all my hard work will be coming to an end soon & the final result will be our wedding!
Its funny because I have spent soo much time planning & maybe not enough time enjoying my time as a Bride to Be!
Weird to explain...I guess what I mean is I want to stop & enjoy the little things more! I feel like my schedule is always too busy & I dont have enough time to do anything other than whats on my list of things to do for the day!
Maybe I feel guilty like I havent been giving the hubby to be enough QT!!! Any other Bride's to be feel that way??

I was thinking that for our 4 year anniversary next week we should do a weekend get-a-way, we could definatly use some R&R!

I'll let you know what we decide to do & I will post pics of our shower ASAP!

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I totally understand, but at least you recognized the situation and willing to devote more time to fun! I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful and don't forget to enjoy the moment.

P.S. We have the same wedding date!

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