Sep 19, 2008

My fiance does not want to take off my garter in front of all my family and a bunch of people. I think he's just shy or whatever. Do we have to do this part at the reception? Is anyone else not doing it??
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Purple Ask a Question ....about taking off the garter and garter toss..
futuremrssolis's White wedding
Lincoln, CA, USA
I don't think you have to do a garter toss. I've been to weddings where they don't bother doing it at all. They just did the bouquet toss and that's it.
's  wedding
Bar harbor, ME, USA
My husband did not want to do it either, however once he had a few drinks in him at the reception her randomly wanted to do it.  So I would say he does not have to, buy have one in case he changes his mind.
ladybugg's Blue wedding
I think he doesn't have to do it if he really does want to. I really don't want to do it either. But, my FH is (who is usually shy) is actually looking forward to taking off my garter. He claims he's got a special coalminer's light
amcs76's Green wedding
Whitby, ON, Canada
We are doing a garter removal and toss. My FI is not shy. You absolutely don't have to do this if you aren't comfortable. It's not something that is mandatory...people probably won't even miss it.
littlelady93's Pink wedding
Saint louis, MO, USA
My fiance' is roaring to go with this tradition he loves attention lol

It is not a necessary to have this at a reception...If your FH doesn't want to take it off of you in front of people, you can always just have an extra one handy for him to just throw.
futuremrspearce09's Black wedding
Beltsville, MD, USA
Yeaa we're not doing it either. I can imagine having my grandparents watch as he puts his head up my dress! haha and he's pretty shy so he's happy I don't want him to do it.
's  wedding
Binghamton, NY, USA
You don't have to have one. We didn't, & i'm  glad. It causes a break in the reception that is not needed. Then the dj has to start all over again to try and get the crowd going again
shaybaby's Chocolate wedding
The pas, MB, Canada
I think its a huge party of the wedding, so you could make it so you had it on your lower leg and he could just use his hands. that way you have still kept up with the tradition and he can "shoot" it at the guys. And its always fun to watch! :0)
's  wedding
Binghamton, NY, USA
It is not something you have to do. We didn't. I find it creepy that my husband would take my garter that I had on my leg for the past 4 hours and want to toss it to his friends.. Let him take it off on your wedding night.. You get to keep it! you paid for it! his buddy would probably toss it in the can afterwards. Start your own tradition! :o)
's  wedding
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Seriously, I've been a wedding DJ for over 5 years, and I can honestly say that I've seen this "tradition" going by the wayside somewhat rapidly.  Quite a lot of the time it depends on the personality of the bride and groom.  I have seen it left out completely, have seen the groom pull the garter out of his pocket (removed in the limo on the way over to the reception), and have also seen the groom put on a pair of safety goggles (think shop class in high school) and put his hands behind his back to remove the garter with his teeth!  Do what YOU are comfortable with, and don't be pressured into anything just because it's "tradition".  One nice thing I've seen if there isn't a garter and bouquet toss was the bride announced that she was going to give her bouquet to her grandmother, who had been widowed just a coule of months before the wedding- not a dry eye anywhere that day!
victorias1911's Purple wedding
Warren, MI, USA
thank you all so much for your opinions! i appreciate it :)
acasualbride's Purple wedding
Folsom, CA, USA
You know, its to each their own. Me and my fiance are doing it. But we were at my friends wedding and she didnt want to do it so she only through her bouquet.

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