May 21, 2009

So I want to know... Is your wedding over? Do you still check this site everyday and more than once?? I still love looking at everything on this site.... I miss my wedding! lol I had alot of fun. I will admit I wanted to cancel it and it was alot of stress at times but it was the best day ever. :) Anyone else in the same boat??
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's  wedding
Houston, TX, USA
well, I am still on it, I am not as obsessed as I used to be.... but I do check it every few days.....
here2help's Blue wedding
Mesa, AZ, USA
My name is Alicia....and I have a problem :p

I am still active on the site....and its been a year since my wedding :p

HOWEVER, I AM helping 2 friends plan their weddings, and I use this site for some inspiration for their weddings. I've considered a career in wedding planning....something I'm not sure if I want to pursue or not.

I don't check every day....a couple times a week, maybe :)
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Wedding is in 2 days, I already expressed that I'm obsessed with WBC. LOL I may slow it down a blit for my hubby's sake, but he has realized that I love all my girls here. So, I still want to be on the site....:~)
's  wedding
Fresno, CA, USA
Been married for 2 months now and I still come here like everyday......It's an addiction....Another bridal site that I go to is PW as well...grrrr....hehehhe
's  wedding
Warren, MI, USA
lol yeah... i'm not as bad as I used to be. I'll check it once or day or when i get emails stating someone commented on my blog... ;) it's still fun to see the friends you've made on here and how they are coming along with their wedding. :)

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