DIY Wedding
Jun 21, 2012

Perfect Destination in Playa

We finally got married on June 9, 2012 at The Royal in Playa Del Carmen. Of course I did almost everything myself. Our package came with both a bouquet and boutinierre but everyone said that the ones I made looked best :) Also there is a picture of my cake topper (it looked awesome) the maracas I re-painted (nightmare) and finally our guestbook. We printed a vintage map on vistaprint as a poster then everyone signed it and we are framing a group pic in the center!! It is different, plus one of our rooms has vintage maps as the decor. The pictures of me throwing my real bouquet into the pool, the maracas, and us on the pier are shot by Octavio Montes he is great. The picture of our rings on the orchid I took myself just playing around with things.
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Wedding Invitation
Mar 31, 2012

Passport Invitations DONE

WOW! So I finally finished the passport invitations for the wedding, I worked on the designs forever. Then (of course) my computer hard drive crashed!! I had to start all over, talk about bridal breakdowns! But, they are all finished and out, now on to the AHR invitations. I did the boarding pass save the dates myself, the passport invitations myself and am doing a pocketfold reception invite myself saving us somewhere around $1200 by my own estimates. YEAH!!!
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Back Cover
Pg 5-6
Back Cover
DIY Wedding
Sep 29, 2011

Card Box

My MOH has a wrought iron chest that looks like a treasure chest. With the beach theme, I am going to use the chest for my card box for the AHR and then I went to Michaels and got these letters for $1 each. They had hooks to hang a jacket or something on, but I undid the hook and flipped it to the top to use to hang them. Then painted them and glittered them up.
I used powerpoint to see what the chest will look like with the letters hanging from it. I had to crop out the background of the chest and she had stuff inside it but you can get the picture.
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Card Box Letters
Destination Wedding
Sep 29, 2011

Stress free? HA HA

So after I work so hard on all the save the dates and mail them out, everything changes. Rates change, we have a billion things come up at once and decide that we are going to a different resort. One where there is a Family property and an Adult Only Property. We have booked The ROYAL in Playa Del Carmen, and please let this go smoothly from here on out. I literally have been in tears over this ordeal. I feel much better now, I think.
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The ROYAL in Playa Del Carmen
Wedding Invitation
Aug 2, 2011

Save The Date & Luggage Tags

I finally finished my save the date designs. All I need is to find out the exact location and they will be ready to send! I did the boarding pass design. For the outside I made each a different design of paper. The envelopes (not in pic) and the boarding pass both have the antique map of Mexico in my last post as backgrounds. I also made luggage tags to go with them as well using my stamp I ordered for the passport covers.
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Save The Date Boarding Passes
Mexico Destination Wedding
Aug 1, 2011

Any suggestions on wedding destinations in Mexico?

We plan to do a destination wedding somewhere in Mexico because it is a relatively short flight from Dallas. We want to be at an all-adult, all-inclusive resort. Preferably with a complimentary wedding package or reasonably priced. There will only be maybe 20 people, 40 max. He wants golf close by, and we both want safety. Anyone have any experiences to share?
I have a travel agent that is helping me but thought I might ask for some other opinions. Thanks!
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DIY Wedding
Jul 26, 2011

Seashell Bouquets Finished

I finally finished the bouquets. I think? The MOH bouquet is all shells with one vintage brooch on the handle. My bouquet has been a work in progress forever now. It is mainly vintage brooches with some accent seashells. My great grandmothers jewelry is mixed in with some I picked up throughout the years, so it is special to me. This is the finished product, unless I keep picking them apart and re-doing them :) Let me know what you think of them!
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MOH Bouquet
Back MOH Bouquet
My Bouquet
Back of my bouquet
Inspiration Board
Jun 27, 2011

The Dress Dream

This is my ideal dress, my actual ring, and the earrings I picked as well as the barefoot sandals to go with the dress. Let me know what you think!!
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The Dress Inspiration Board
Wedding Invitation
Jun 23, 2011

Finally Got my Stamp!

I ordered these custom made stamps on Ebay from Chris Yong. I designed the passport cover (or I chose the monogram) and then chose another stamp design for the return address. Chris made me both custom made stamps. He matched the Monogram to both and I LOVE them.
I edited this picture to hide my address of course, but you can see how good they are. I tested the invitation stamp on craft paper, instead of white cardstock. Which is why it looks grainy in the picture. Shipping from Malaysia is super slow but totally worth it!

Total cost:
$14.50 Passport Stamp
$9.70 Return Address Stamp

Thank you so much Chris!! Visit their ebay store at
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Wedding Music And Songs
Jun 13, 2011

Processional Song for Bride

I love this song, it is so beautiful. I thought it was Bella's Lullaby from Twilight but it is actually called River Flows in You by Yiruma

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