My Badgley Mischka Hot Pink Fuchsia
My Badgley Mischka Hot Pink Fuchsia

Found my shoes!
Badgley Mischka's....ooooooo my!

Anyone else so in love with their wedding shoes? My mom went to New York and brought her baby back some of these! I LOVE YOU MOM! What do you guys think? I do have a traditional wedding dress and a reception vintage style dress too. So, these will be for the tradional pictures. I can't wait to show them off in the photos!

I wouldn't dare put my toes in them, I didn't get my pedicure yet! LOL I can't wait to knock his socks off with these?
lampebride's Pink wedding
 |  Huntsville, AL, USA  |  10/23/2010  | 
Glad you found a pair that you love so much! I feel the same way about mine!  It's funny how much we care about our shoes, lol...no one will even see mine under my dress, but I know they are there and super cute! haha...
mayelah's Blue wedding
 |  Aguascalientes, Abu dhabi, Mexico  |  10/23/2010  | 
they are beautiful!! so nice of your mom to get you these gorgeous shoes, I love the cntrast of a wedding dress with colorful shoes, excellent choice!!
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