May 10, 2008

This is kind of a weird question but it's just for fun,
a recent post prompted me to ask
if a bride posts a pic of lets say an ugly wedding dress (like the one on the right) or something that you think is tacky or not cute. do you say something?

or do you believe that beauty is relative, and to each her own.

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Orange Ask a Question If a bride posts a pic of something that you think is ugly do you tell her?
fabulousmrsklein's Pink wedding
Aurora, IL, USA
I would tell her shes crazy maybe... but I love crazy... I don't like it when I see other brides post rude comments about things that a bride has picked to be a part of her wedding, but this is the real world and some people are bitchy... I just think to myself... maybe her cat died today... ;)
marta12's Blue wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
Its one thing to say something is not your taste but I despise when people use the word tacky to describe something another person abviously likes enough to pick and use.

sometimes its better to live by the "if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all" theory. Don't go out of your way just to be rude.  Not everyone has the same taste.
fabulousmrsklein's Pink wedding
Aurora, IL, USA
yes I came back to add a 2nd thought but marta beat me to the punch... if I totally think is garbage I say nothing at all...

its always ok to add a little... comment like
"that would look great if it was (this color)"
"I would love that without the (whatever you think is eeeeew)"
vixysticks's Orange wedding
Riverside, CA, USA
I agree, with what's been said so far.I actually think it's better not to say anything especially if it may hurt someone. i mean these are our weddings a huge chance to express our personal style, so to each her own! :0)
's  wedding
Everett, WA, USA
i would say i don't personally like  such and such a thing but its what you like......thats all that matters......
junieya's Chocolate wedding
Lawton, OK, USA
Most brides on here are pretty nice... But one def. can be get down and dirty about heels... lol haha jk

This is a blog about your wedding. On what you want it to be. So it would be hard to shoot somebody down and tell her, "that is ugly or that looks terrible". I mean who would do that? I can understand some to be out spoken but jeez have a heart lol...
dd977chic's Black wedding
People have similar or different visions of what their wedding should be like. Some range to being more low key to elborate and over the top. Some people like me are cheap and are broke college students and we love to save money! Some like to buy $300 dollar shoes..(i am not sure if someone has done that .....its just an   It doesnt mean their wedding is going to be more fabolous cause of the cost. What makes it fabolous is how you feel about marrying the man you love and the family and friends that surround you in your happiness.
bekah301's Black wedding
Pompano beach, FL, USA
I wouldn't say anything unless she specifically asks for an opinion. Then I only offer what I might change or maybe suggest another option but never knock it. I think offering suggestions is important because I know personally I have my moments when I need someone to tell me I'm crazy. But's that's what my MOH usually does for me.
scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
I would just not comment
timsgirl's Yellow wedding
Niagara falls, ON, Canada
I agree with Scheri i just wouldn't say anything at  all
debbiev's Pink wedding
San diego, CA, USA
I hope people would have told me, but I'm married now, so it's too late!!
chineyelovesrickey's Purple wedding
Los angeles, CA, USA
i wouldn't say anything...if she asked for my opinion i would say it's not something i would wear but if you love it then do what you like. or sometimes i would say things like that would look so cute if you...
tracydurmon's Black wedding
Cobden, IL, USA
Well to be honest with you I joined this site to get other brides opinions whether they be good or bad. And I try to write in my blogs what do ya'll think so I know that there may be some out there thaqt may not have the same taste as I do or that can give me a new view of something. I say if you don't like something then yes you should say that but do it very tactfully such as I'm using plastic plates at my wedding someone may not agree and they may say I don't really like the idea of plastic at a wedding, I personally  would rather use China but I think if it works for your wedding go for it.
waffles57's Green wedding
Greenville, SC, USA
i would only leave a comment on it if its where they are asking a question on what you think a/b it... but i would say something nice like its not the style i'm going for...
chirawan's Blue wedding
New york, NY, USA
I'm kind of disappointed in the answers people gave here. I'd hope that if I posted something ugly people would tell me. Because even if I think it's cute, my guests might think it's lame or tacky.

I think there are ways to tastefully tell a bride her ideas might not work the way she hopes for them to.
's  wedding
Herndon, VA, USA
I agree sort of, i do want people to tell me if they think something looks bad, b/c if they think it chances are someone attending my wedding may also think that.
's  wedding
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