Apr 18, 2008

Here is a pic of my dress, it's poofy, you can't tell because the back is folded inward so it will fit into the bag its in (the pic is of it half in the bag)there is a medium sized train. it has little beaded lace patterns on the bottom, sides, and at the end of the train, which you can't see because i don't want to take it all the way out of the bag untill my fitting. lol
i don't want to because it's really poofy and i have no idea how i will get it back into the bag if i take it out on my own, and i don't want to get it dirty.
after my fitting (in about 2 months)
i will have better pictures of it.
im having it french bussled.
in the back ground you can see my minnie mouse bride ears, not sure where i will wear them yet. definitely not at the wedding.

oh yea, i can't find a pic of my dress online because i don't know who makes it, the tag says arlets bridal which is where i got it from but when i go to their website they sell many different designers. when i asked them they said it was a private collection whatever that means. I dont really care, i looooove this dress.

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Orange Wedding Dress Im too afraid to take it out of the bag! lol
Orange Wedding Dress Im too afraid to take it out of the bag! lol
cowgirlznen88's Yellow wedding
Cedar rapids, IA, USA
What if the wedding is at late afternoon outside...Reception inside....And uhm...Yeah..IDK! You would think it wouldn't be that hard to pick one dress to wear! :-P Shoot!
I loveee your dress darling! It is beautiful!
scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
How are your fittings going?  Why not post a picture.  Love your dress
vixysticks's Orange wedding
Riverside, CA, USA
I go on my first fitting next friday, i know alot of brides have more than one fitting so i hope she is able to get it to fit right in time, i will definitely take more pics once i go on friday I cant wait it will be my third time trying it on in like 4 months.
amcole55's Orange wedding
Ardmore, AL, USA
This dress is gorgeous! Where did you find it??

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