May 9, 2011

William is beginning to come around to the idea of us doing an Engagement Session (ES). An engagement session is a photo shoot of the bride and groom before they get married. When I first brought up the idea, he thought it was too fancy for our intimate wedding. As time went on I somehow convinced him doing an ES is totally worth it, regardless of the type of wedding. Having an ES will help us get use to the photographer and taking pictures; the fact that it could be included in our wedding photography package is a bonus.

ES have become an elaborate affair over the years. Couples are starting to incorporate themes and have multiple outfits for the day. The props used in ES can range from a simple date banner to a fire truck. When I showed William the different styles of E-session’s, he wasn’t too keen on the idea of us having a theme or hiring any “special” props for the day.

As of today we don’t have a photographer, I’m going to begin searching for one very soon, or know what style engagement shoot we will have. I definitely know our adorable pup, Seven, will be making an appearance. WBC ladies are you doing a Themed Engagement Photos session or are you keeping it simple?

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waitingfortheday's Black wedding
We are doing an engagement shoot. Originally we were going to do an engagement shoot for each season to get a variety of pics. We are doing a few to fit our hunting theme but overall I just browsed google and found pics that I really like for our engagement pics. My sister is supposed to be doing our engagement pics (she's a photographer) But hasn't seemed to be able to find the time so now we are thinking about hiring one.

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Hi girls. 1st congrats to the ladies who were just married and who have crossed over to marriage....